You Don't Know Until You Ask: The Art of Negotiation
How do you feel when you ask for something? Be it a donation, a raise or promotion at work, support with a project, airtime at the next meeting, or whatever else that matters to you. Do you notice it’s easier to ask on behalf of your organization than it is for yourself, or vice versa? Lindsey Lathrop has dedicated the last five years to helping clients get where they want to go by teaching negotiation skills and the art of the ask. In this session, Lindsey will share her learnings as a negotiation coach, dive into ways you can calm your anxious brain, and answer your questions about making your next ask.
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Lindsey Lathrop

Coach & Gender Equity Consultant

Lindsey Lathrop Coaching

Lindsey Lathrop is a certified coach, gender equity consultant, and certified #IamRemarkable Google trainer. Lindsey's coaching empowers women and underrepresented groups to practice negotiation and self-promotion skills in the workplace and beyond. She also co-founded a consultancy called Genclusive to engage business leaders in shifting workplace culture towards gender equity and inclusivity. Lindsey and her husband Colin also created a company called Money Date Night to empower people to talk about and manage their money.