2015 Africa Hope with myTEAM TRIUMPH

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October 17, 2015 at 7:00am
East De Pere High School 1700 E Chicago St De Pere, WI 54301

Event Details

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Thank you for your interest in joining myTEAM TRIUMPH!  You're about to be part of something very special and life changing!

Before you sign up, please carefully read the information on this page and click on the link at the bottom of the page!


Race: Africa Hope 5/10K

Captain registration opens: OPEN

Team Angel and Volunteer registration opens: OPEN


Team Captain B.J

  • Paul Nickel
  • Eric Johnson
  • Mary Hagan
  • Kyle Hagan

Team Captain Jessica N

  • Mike Beauchamp
  • Amy DeMerritt
  • Allen Phillips

Captain Judy 

  • Justin Zollick
  • Hunter Allender
  • Max Spreeman
  • Logan Meyer

Captain Trent

  • Brooke Von Ruden
  • Layton Shauger
  • Aiden Polzin
  • Daniel Torrez

Captain Kyle

  • Brittney Bramschreiber
  • Bailey Tate
  • Keegan Meyer

Captain Joshua

  • Liz Miller
  • Presley Rosenow
  • Isak Jaensch
  • Garrett Kuss

Captain Megan

  • Julie Roher
  • Daniel Roher
  • Riley Jaensch

Captain Kris

  • Heidi Cartwright
  • Jared Cartwright
  • Caiden Krueger
  • Lucas Wohlrabe

Team Ian R

  • Josh Fonza
  • Andy Bischoff

Team Samantha L

  • Kristin Lillie
  • Katie Dirske
  • Andrea Vivian

Team Anna R

  • Al Rebman
  • Cindy Durand

Team Molly F

  • Bruce Kotarek
  • Samantha Key
  • Melissa Kotarek

Team Bobby B

  • Clint Smith
  • Shaun Decur
  • Kacy Ducur
  • Ayden Brumley

Team Anna W

  • Oliva Nelson
  • Drew Engel
  • Jack Kautzer
  • Ella Buboltz

Team Maykayla

  • Cathy Goehre
  • Jaceson Hauser
  • Jess Hauser
  • Michelle Classon

Team Jacob

  • Jade Biersteker
  • Christopher Kozlovsky
  • Sarah Dworak

Team Brent

  • Heather Winscher
  • Leann Appleton

Team Mary

  • Jenny Woldt
  • Lisa Trever

Team Trevor (hand cycle)

  • Stuart Kolb



General Questions

  • When can I start fundraising?  Angels will also have a fundraising page during the registration process automatically!  No need to navigate to another page to set it up!  You can begin fundraising right away!
  • What support do you provide for fundraising?  We are raising our game on our fundraising goals!  Thus, our staff will be providing you some great resources and coaching to assist you be set up for success!
  • Outside of being an Angel, what ways can I get involved?  Volunteers needs at trainings, race day, fundraising, sponsorship, etc
  • First come, first serve.  Sign up fast as we have limited number of spots we can offer!


Becoming a Captain:  Individuals with disabilities with a desire to TRIUMPH!


  • The heart of the team!  You're the leader of your team!  You and your Angel(s) will train, compete and redefine achieve!
  • Choose your distance and who you'd like to race with!  If you have a preference on distance, you can indicate this during registration.  This is for events that have multiple distances such as a full and half marathon.


Becoming an Angel:  Do you have what it takes?

  • Team Angel: Participate as team of Angels taking turns guidling your Captain to the finish line!  3-5 Angels make up a team. If you have people you want to race with, please indicate this on your registration  We try to accomidate all requests, but cannot gaurentee it.  Fundraise a minimum of $100. This fundraising supports:
    • Race entry for Angels as well as for your Captain. We provide free opportunities for Captains
    • Team shirt / jersey for Angel and Captain
    • Pre race camp food for entire team
    • Race day hospitality
    • Our continued mission


Volunteers:  We need you!  Help support set up, check in, transferring Captains, etc!


  • Team Volunteer: 
    • You'll receive a Volunteer T Shirt
    • You will also have a fundraising page when you sign up.  Fundraising is not required but definitely appreciated!

If you looking for more information about how getting involved with mTT works, click the links below...

Team Resources: