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Unlimited Cloud Hosting

Unlimited Cloud Hosting

Every Classy account includes unlimited cloud hosting. Nothing for you to install, upgrade, or fix...ever.

Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

With Level 1 PCI compliance and SSL security, we maintain tight security so you don’t have to worry.

Flexible Payment Processing

Flexible Payment Processing

Accept Visa, MC, Discover, and AMEX and select from WePay, Braintree, and Authorize.Net as your processor.

Customizable Receipting

Customizable Receipting

Easily customize the receipt that is automatically sent to donors to include a personal message and more.


The Classy Community

Disaster relief fundraising campaigns that are changing world.

Team Rubiconcampaign image
Team Rubicon

Bridging the gap between military and civilian life, Team Rubicon is a veteran-driven organization providing first-responder on-the-ground relief and rescue efforts in the wake of natural disasters. After Hurricane Sandy hit in 2012, Classy’s crowdfunding functionality enabled supporters to immediately supply team members with the vital resources they needed.

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World Food Programcampaign image
World Food Program

As the world's largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger, the World Food Program often responds to international emergencies. In the wake of disasters, they launch new fundraising campaigns with Classy and encourage supporters to take action through peer-to-peer fundraising.

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Operation USAcampaign image
Operation USA

Operation USA helps communities alleviate the effects of disasters, disease and endemic poverty by providing privately-funded relief. To make a difference in the lives of those who need it most, Operation USA has made it easy for supporters to give online through Classy's donation pages.

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Oxfamcampaign image

In the wake of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, Oxfam launched a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign to support the urgent needs for food, clean water, sanitation, and shelter. With the ability to quickly create customized fundraising and donation pages with Classy, the Oxfam team was able to provide aide in a more timely manner.

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Global Volunteer Networkcampaign image
Global Volunteer Network

As part of their Philippines Recovery and Rebuild program, Global Volunteer Network, GVN, is taking a group of volunteers to the Philippines to disburse funds and materials to those in need. In order to make this trip possible, GVN requires volunteers to fundraise at least $500 and thanks to Classy, it's easy! Volunteers simply create their personal fundraising page and start reaching out to their network for donations.

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Whether you are just starting to fundraise online, or you are looking to diversify your online fundraising, Classy has the fundraising solution you need to raise more money and advance your mission.

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