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Tom Negrino was passionate about helping people with technology. He was the author of 48 books focusing on Macintosh computers and software. He was a contributing editor for Macworld magazine. A leading figure in the Macintosh movement in Southern California, Tom was a popular speaker at conferences, and active in the user group community.

[As of April 6, we have received $3453 from 56 donors. Thank you so much for your generosity in Tom's memory.]

A note from Jean MacDonald, App Camp For Girls founder:

In the 1990s, I was introduced to my first web programming language via an excellent book, JavaScript : Visual Quickstart Guide by Tom Negrino and Dori Smith. It became one of my favorite books. It didn't just teach the mechanics of the language, it showed you how to use it in the real world. And who could resist the examples that used their cat, Pixel, as one of the program's objects?

So I was thrilled when, during the 2006 Mac Computer Expo in Santa Rosa, I found myself standing in line with Tom and Dori, Tom's wife. When she said, "I'm Dori and this is my husband Tom," I excitedly replied, "Dori Smith and Tom Negrino, authors of Javascript from Peachpit Press?" It was a true geek fan girl moment for me. Since that time, over the course of many conferences and many trips to Sonoma (where I have family), I've become good friends with my Javascript idols Tom and Dori. From the first crowdfunding campaign we did in 2013, Tom was an enthusiastic supporter of App Camp For Girls, as well as someone whose experience with the geek community I valued.

When Tom told me he wanted to direct donations to App Camp For Girls on the occasion of his death, I was so honored by this generous wish. Tom's legacy is helping people learn to use technology. In both his writing and his life, he was genuinely helpful. He was a friend to beginners. It's fitting that he wanted to help App Camp For Girls. 

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