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It has been 2 years since our first Help a Horse Day event! Due to the generosity of people like you we were able to rescue, rehabilitate and / or rehome half a dozen horses in 2016. Each horse had a different set of circumstances but all were given the best veterinary attention and daily care possible, which comes at great expense: just over $40,000 is what we spent in one year on the horses in our program. Rescue Village's Help a Horse Day is a free, family-friendly fundraising event to support the Rescue Village Barn Program. This year, the event will take place on Sunday, April 23rd from 12-3 pm at Rescue Village and will include fun and educational games and activities for all ages, a chance to meet Rescue Village and ambassador barn animals, and the opportunity to raise funds for our growing barn program.
Rescue Village is the only Humane Society in Northeast Ohio with a large animal program which makes us a vital resource for other humane societies and rescues that cannot accommodate horses. We must be able to continue this invaluable life-saving work through 2017 and beyond, so we need your help. 
Please consider donating in the honor/support of one of the horses below who have come into our care in the past year. Together we can build a more humane community.  
Noah's story:
Noah is a very special and unique rehabilitation case. He was not the typical humane case of neglect and cruelty we often see with large animals. Like many Standardbreds, Noah has spent most of his life working hard - whether performing on the track or hauling buggies and carts, Noah has endured extreme fatigue and overuse and his body showed that. Noah's owner before Rescue Village was a young Amish man who hadn't owned Noah very long. He was trying to put weight on Noah so that he could be used again but despite his honest effort, the field tests and changes in feeding and nutrition weren't yielding results and the vet approached Rescue Village about taking in Noah as a rehabilitation partnership in August of 2016.
Since then, Noah's road to recovery has been long and trying. In the past 8 months, Noah has been on specialty feed and nutritional supplements, he has gone through injectable and oral steroid regimes, acupuncture, gastric ulcer medication, and even went to OSU for a full workup and extensive testing to rule out cancer of the GI tract. While nothing malignant was found in this work up, there was also nothing to clue us into why Noah is such a 'hard-keeper.'
Despite the time, energy and cost, our team has continued to care for Noah and will continue to do so no matter how long it takes to find the right forever home. He may still be thin appearance-wise, but we have seen great improvements in his demeanor and he has slowly come out of his hardened work-horse mentality. He has learned to enjoy receiving attention and grooming, and has even started to play with another gelding, when before he would shy away from all interactions.
It really does take a Village: an effort of the community to do this lifesaving work and in Noah's case, it has been the effort of a concerned but un-equiped owner, a vet who saw the potential under the pain, the hours of effort from volunteers, fosters and staff and the generous donations from our community who have supported Noah throughout his journey to health.
Casanova's story:
Casanova came into the care of Rescue Village in the Spring of 2016 as a humane case. He and his mother, Nevra (story below) were both seized from their former owners when it was discovered that a newborn foal had been separated from its mother at birth and tragically starved to death. Rescue Village pressed charges due to the deceased foal that was found on the property and the defendant ultimately pled no contest to a second degree misdemeanor charge.
This Connemara Pony is about 3-4 years old. He spent the fist years of his life in a paddock with limited human contact so some new experiences still make him uncomfortable and he will need the support of people who can give him plenty of patience and positive new experiences.
Nevra's story:
Nevra came to Rescue Village in the Spring of 2016. She and her son Casanova were both seized when it was discovered that Nevra's newborn foal had been separated from her at birth and had tragically starved to death. Nevra and Casanova were both slightly underweight and had parasites when they came into our care but Rescue Village pressed charges against the owner due to the deceased foal that was found on the property. The defendant ultimately pled no contest to a second degree misdemeanor charge.
After her foaling, we knew that Nevra had been housed with Casanova who was a young stallion, so checking her for another pregnancy as soon as she came into our care was a top priority. An ultrasound confirmed our suspicions and the recovery of one became the recovery of two. Nevra was pregnant again and terrified when she came into our care. Rescue Village staff initially described her as the most difficult horse they had ever handled. We are happy to report that with months of patience and skilled handling Nevra has come around. Her connection with people has continued to grow along with her belly. 
Nevra gave birth to a healthy baby boy, who we have named Cillian, on March 29th around 6:00 am. Both Nevra and Cillian are healthy and happy. They will eventually be available for adoption and will need an adopter skilled in working with green and young horses with the time to devote to both mom and son, their socialization, and their handling. Nevra and Cillian will both officially be at Help a Horse Day 2017 on Sunday, April 23rd from 12-3 pm and we know the public will welcome Baby Cillian with loving hearts.
Consider making a donation to honor / support one of these horses! Just select their name when filling out your donation form!

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