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You may ask “What is 20 for #20?”  Well, after Googling it, we discovered it means a lot of different things!  But to us, it means raising $20,000 toward ALS research on behalf of retired Tennessee Titan Tim Shaw, who was #20 when he played football for Penn State. Please take a few minutes to view Tim’s story.  

And that is why we plan to raise $20,000 for #20 while running multiples of 20 half marathons!

Please follow our journey on our blog and Facebook page!

I’m Sue and Tim’s mom is my “longest” friend (nobody wants to be called “oldest”).  Although we’ve lived hundreds and thousands of miles – and even continents – apart since graduating high school, that friendship has taken on many different shapes, but it has never died.  Like everyone else, I’ve faced challenges and hardships in my life.  I have also been blessed many times over, and one of those blessings has been my connection to the Shaw family.  I cannot even begin to imagine what it is like for a parent to learn of such a diagnosis for their child. Of course the first reaction is “What can I do?”  Mostly as someone on the fringe, I feel helpless…and I do not like feeling helpless; I’m a doer.  I am also a runner.  So what better way to help than to combine the two.  As I ran my next half marathon after learning of Tim’s diagnosis, a small seed was planted and began to take root and grow.  I dedicated that race and the next several to Tim.  But couldn’t I do more than just a symbolic gesture?  As I followed Tim’s story, I saw how he took charge and was working for a change through a variety of avenues; including raising funds for research for a cure.  I decided to take on the challenge of running 60 half marathons over the course of 18 months while raising funds in Tim’s honor.

I’m Rhonda and although I have never met the Shaw family, Sue is one of my closest friends and most importantly my BRB (Best Running Buddy).  Our running journey has evolved over the past few years and we both had decided to take on the challenge of running 60 half marathons. I like running for a purpose and I have always said “I run for those who can’t."  So, when Sue asked me if I would consider joining her on this endeavor to run 20 for #20 and raise $20,000 to help fight ALS, it was a no brainer – I was all in! After all – it was the best reason to run more!

Since we live in different parts of the US, we will run several half marathons together and some apart.  But, this will not stop us from supporting each other and ALS.

Won’t you join us in this journey?   You may ask how would that be possible?  It is really quite simple - follow us as we run and support our efforts through a donation.  All donations are tax deductible and 100% of the donation goes to ALS research at the ALS Therapy Development Institute.

             Follow our 20 for #20 journey on our blog and Facebook page!                  

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