Brett Hoebel's: Fit for a Cause

Benefiting: RainCatcher
Hosted by:Brian Selden

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To help create positive change in the lives of those who need it most I have created the 'Fit for a Cause' campaign in order to fund a 2 life-saving water harvesting systems to provide 2 childrens schools in Africa the gift of sustainable clean drinking water. 

You can help me accomplish this goal by donating here... or by creating a fundraiser page of your own to share your mission and pay it forward through the support of your friends, family and social networks. 
As if making a lasting impact and saving childrens lives is not enough reward, I would like to personally thank the fundraising team that is able to provide the most clean water for Africa by the end of the campaigns duration by spending an afternoon together with the top four fundraisers. Be ready for a good workout, some personal insights and a healthy dinner. 
Until then, be the change you want to see in the world... and in yourself.
Muito Obrigado,
Brett Hoebel

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