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Dear Friends,

We really need your help!

One of the really unique things about Fresh and Green Academy, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, is it's meal program. For the past seven years the children of the academy have received three meals a day, as well as a first rate education. If it were not for the school all the 182 children would be on the streets begging for their next meal instead of learning and growing.

Seven years ago the children were only eating lunch and dinner and while this was more than they had for the first four years of their life, they were still going to bed hungry.

We added the third meal when a four year old student was over heard telling her friend "I couldn't wait to get to school in the morning, because I was so hungry last night and I could not ask my mom for food because we have no money". That broke my heart so we decided to do what ever it took to add dinner. Thanks to proper nutrition, quality education and the love the kids receive at the academy the children are thriving.

However, receiving the nutrition they have grown to depend on, and what should be a right for every child, is in jeopardy!

Due to rising food prices in Ethiopia, our monthly school expenses have increased significantly and we have had to cut out the last meal of the day and we run the risk of loosing more without adequate funding.

You can help "Bring Back Dinner!"

There are many things you can do:

-Host a Dinner to Bring Back Dinner!

-Donate the amount you spend on one dinner for one person once a month! Have your friends do the same.

-Run or bike for dinner! Get your friends and family to pledge a dollar amount to Friends of Fresh and Green Academy for each mile in your next race!

-Donate your birthday for dinner! Instead of gifts have your friends "donate for dinner" in your honor

-Get creative. Make up your own "Bring Back Dinner!" campaign and make a difference today!

Edit the template we have created for you and get started!


Through your support the children will have a chance at fruitful life, just like our own children.

Thank you for making a difference!