Budondo Intercultural Center and Suubi Health Clinic

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The Budondo Intercultural Center and Suubi Health Clinic are located in Budondo, Uganda and serve a catchment area of 56,000 people. In this rural town, there are nearly 20 births a day and the average number of children per family is 6. Knowledge on reproductive health is limited to traditional birth attendands and word of mouth and the nearest clinics are staffed by under-trained clinicians that distribute free government medicines at a cost.

The far reaching vision for this clinic is to provide excellent maternal and infant care and to offer all the basic medical needs for the community in an expanded, multi-purpose health clinic. Ultimately, the clinic will grow into a small hospital to serve the surrounding region. As a proactive measure, the Suubi Health Clinic's leadership has already trained 10 women over the past two and a half years to deliver assistance and education on reproductive health and childbirthing.

The Budondo Intercultual Center, right next to the Suubi Health Clinic, will serve as both a community gathering place, and a forum to discuss public health issues.  The Twogere Women's club, a theatre group made up of teenage girls from the Budondo Community, use the power of theatre to address common problems young girls face in Uganda.  This Center will also be used as rented space for community events, providing a sustainable source of income that will all be filtered back into running the Suubi Health Clinic.

This  Budondo Intercultural Center and Suubi Health Clinic are an incredibly important to the growth of this community.  Be a part of this innovative community project and donate today! 


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