Clean water for over 7,000 villagers

Benefiting: The Faraji Foundation
Jun 4
Hosted by:The Faraji Foundation
June 4, 2014 at 8:00pm to
Goal: $22,000
$16,540 4 75% Complete

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UPDATE: The public portion of this project has been completely funded! We are now focusing on bringing the water directly to Tuleeni Orphanage and community center!


Faraji Foundation is working to provide clean water access for up to 7,000 villagers, as well as Tuleeni Orphanage and the Uru Community Center! There is a local spring in Uru, Tanzania, just about 8 kilometers from the orpahanage and community center, that we will be routing the water from. Instead of a deep well that only has one spout to collect from, our routing with provide 4 public spouts thruoghout the village, and end at Tuleeni Orphanage and community center, providing water for an additional 100 children and countless community memebers!