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Spiral Q is an ensemble of artists, activists, and cultural organizers who build strong and equitable communities characterized by creativity, joy, can-do attitudes and the courage to act on their convictions.

Since 1996, Spiral Q has worked with people young and old, inspiring creative risk-taking and art-making, bringing energy to education, and advocacy to the arts through educational programs, puppet parades, public performances -- and, most of all, bringing joy to justice.


Since our founding in 1996, Spiral Q has not stopped marching. For nearly 20 years, we have built puppets on a large scale, dreamt of strong and equitable communities on a large scale, and creatively constructed safe and inclusive spaces for communities and people of all ages and backgrounds to come together and dream up with us, in large scale, the change they want to see in the world. Spiral Q artists and cultural workers call on our unique experiences and expertise in giant puppet construction, parade and pageantry arts, education, organizing and our deep roots in celebratory street theater to inspire communities to tell their untold stories.

Spiral Q’s core work includes:

  • Award-winning EDUCATION PROGRAMS both in-school and out-of-school — for Philadelphia public school students that have scarce access to art education — that develop students’ visions of themselves as agents of change -- and build their art, critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving skills while we’re at it.

  • APPRENTICESHIPS that provide training and mentorship in Spiral Q’s methodologies and values- driven approach to community engagement, arts education, and event production. Whether in internships with area college students in our studio, or in leadership development/skill-building clubs for high school youth in event planning, production and performance, Spiral Q infuses our inclusive practices and community engagement stylings in the workplace, classroom, cardboard stage and public theaters of the city’s streets and parks.

  • COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT PROJECTS, workshops and residencies that bring community members together and connect intergenerational, diverse people and groups in creative collaborations. These include parades, giant puppet pageants, and cultural festivals in our neighborhoods, parks and campuses.

  • Stewardship of a COLLECTION of 2,000+ giant puppets and artwork that tells the unique history of creative community organizing in Philadelphia and beyond at the intersection of art and justice. Our living collection is put to work in our original performances, pageants and parades, and is made available on loans to community groups, along with artistic support for organizing and advocacy efforts, and for exhibitions at area institutions - and at our gallery space that is soon to open in 2016!

  • ARTISTIC PRODUCTION of original pageants, performances and parades that dazzle and delight audiences of all ages and backgrounds, whether in the school auditorium, in the park, or in the theater, with our artistic prowess.


The last 3 years have led Spiral Q on a winding, reflective road that is leading to a bright, sparkling future. From the uprooting of our 12-year home on Spring Garden Street in 2012, we re-located our collection and our practice to our now-home neighborhood in West Philadelphia. In our PLACE, we have put down roots, emerging with a holistic understanding that, as artists, organizers, educators and movement-builders, our intentional PRACTICE is also deeply-rooted in cultural and artistic traditions that stem from a vast body of knowledge. We stand on the shoulders of giants as we do our work of building stronger, more equitable and creative communities.

In our PLACE, we have taken up residence in 4 public schools, grown our Q team, artist ensemble, and board, and plastered our values and joy across our streets. In our PRACTICE, we continue to investigate the intersections and edges of art and justice, expanding our skills and sharing our knowledge. None of this work would have been possible without the support of the whole Q community behind us.  

We find ourselves in a stronger place than we have ever been before, with invigorated energy that celebrates our communities and our artistic traditions, and lifts our communities’ movements for justice and equity with beauty and vibrancy. With your support, we can deepen our commitment to build creative communities by tapping into the power of art and social justice to write / right more just, equitable and joyous futures for all of Philadelphia’s residents.

Your support at this critical time will help Spiral Q ensure that:

  • Over 2,000 public school students can work with Spiral Q artists to wrestle issues of social significance into larger-than-life works of public art.

  • 30 high school and college students can apprentice with us to learn real skills in creative community engagement, event production, and arts administration.

  • We can once again open a public gallery space to investigate the intersections of arts and justice, and push the boundaries of our artistic practices.  

  • Our collection of 2,000+ puppets can be shared with, and our artistic assistance can be provided to, a vast network of neighborhood associations, activist groups, libraries, service agencies and more.

  • Puppets, public performance and parades will pepper streets and parks throughout our city!


  • Make your tax deductible donation to the Q today!* We so appreciate all of you who have supported the Q already.

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  • Spread the word about the campaign through Facebook, Twitter and through good, old-fashioned word of mouth! You helping to spread the word far and wide will help us meet our goal.

  • Volunteer your time and talents! And you can help Spiral Q make our communities’ large-scale dreams come true!

Interested in receiving a Spiral Q gift for your donation?  Check out our perks on our Network for Good page (tote bags! aprons! prints! postcards! and more!) and we can still add it to this campaign. Your donation will be tax-deductable minus the value of the gift.

Support Spiral Q today and invest in building, with us, the just and creative world in which we all want to live. Thank you so much.

*Contributions are tax-deductible less the fair market value of any perks received.

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