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Goal: $270,000
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Our clinic has been destroyed.

It was the little building with the big heart, that served hundreds of dental patients,

thousands of sick people and served as a temporary

surgery center for over 100 procedures.

Now it is gone. The airport runway will expand and the rest of the building will be demolished

It served us well........but there are still thousands of people who need our help.



  • 1,000 gifts of $22 we would be DONE with this campaign, 
  • 500 gifts of $44 we could start moving in, 
  • 250 gifts of $88 We would have a little more grass to cut but NO NOISY NEIGHBORS, 
  • 125 gifts of $176 The impoverished people in our area would be that much closer to the medical, surgical and dental needs that they so desperately need.
  • 63 gifts of $352 Closing the deal.   
  • 15 gifts of $1468 FINISHED, SECURED......READY TO BLESS. 

There are thousands of impoverished people in Iquitos that are dying for a lack of life changing, lifesaving surgeries. Help us move forward and be the miracle that they are praying for. 

Contact some friends or work associates, Your local church or youth group. Let's accomplish the impossible together.

Please, Donate today

Click this link for the full details of the building we want to purchase. It is exciting to see 

yet another miracle unfold. Be a part of it today. 













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