Engineers Without Borders BU Charity of the Month March 2013

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Mar 18
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March 18, 2013 at 1:00am to
March 31, 2013 at 11:45pm
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Engineers Without Borders is an international nonprofit organization that uses engineering solutions to address global issues and improve the quality of life in developing communities. As part of this initiative, the Boston University Chapter of Engineers Without Borders is collaborating with Boston University's Center for Global Health & Development (CGHD), UNICEF, and the Clinton Health Access Initiative.

We have just returned from a trip to visit our community this past August in Naluja, Zambia. In the past year, we have worked on increasing cell phone signal as part of CGHD’s postnatal healthcare initiative. After traveling to our community, our determination to increase their quality of life has only increased, and we will be looking to meet their needs in other areas including water sanitation, but we need your help!

This summer, 2013, we are traveling back to Naluja, Zambia! During our visit this time we hope to strengthen our partnership with the catchment and put into place our Yagi Antenna project, collects and amplifies cell phone signal to resend into the clinic, that expedites the HIV test results for infants.  In Naluja we also hope to gather more information for our bike generator project and our biosand water filtration projects.  We can't travel without your help, so please donate today!!

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