Fundraiser for LangTang School Rebuild

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Feb 5
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February 5, 2016 at 9:00am to
Goal: $50,000
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In 2015 an Earthquake hit Nepal and destroyed the lives of thousands of Nepali people.  More than 8,500 died from the quake and millions of others were adversly effected by the infrastructure damage.  One of the areas hit the worst by the quake is Langtang.  Entire villages were flattened by the quake as well as schools.

Only months before the earthquake, Trek to Teach partnered with a few schools in the Langtang area, we had ambitions of sending teachers to help improve the educational opportunities for the rural children in the region.  The schools have been damaged beyond repair and there is just a temporary structure that hardly blocks the surrounding elements and cannot fit the number of students that should be attending school.  Fact is, few kids are going to school.

Trek to Teach lost two of our guides in the Langtang area during this earthquake and we have committed ourselves to the schools that we partnered with on their behalf.  Therefore, we aim to rebuild this school in honor of our lost guides and everybody else who lost their lives in the area during this earthquake.

A school is not only helpful for the children attending classes, it is immensily helpful for the families of those children and the community at large.  It is the meeting place of surrounding villages.  A school represents the heart and soul of a village and we intend to bring that back to the people that have lost so much.

We NEED YOUR HELP!  This school will cost about $50,000.  We aim to do everything in our power to raise these funds and we are sincerely hopeful that you will choose to join us with this mission.  This must be a collective effort to accomplish this large goal.  If you can please donate what you feel comfortable to donate or if you believe in our mission, we would love your support in fundraising, or at the very least, sharing our story.


Brad - Founder/Executive Director of Trek to Teach


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