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Welcome to my fundraising page for Coach Joe Kennedy!

After his first game in 2008, high school football coach Joe Kennedy walked to the fifty-yard line, took a knee, and thanked God for his players. Coach Kennedy continued doing this after every game for seven years without any complaints from students, parents, or teachers. 

When the school district raised the issue in September of 2015, Coach Kennedy requested a religious accommodation. However, that accommodation was denied, and Kennedy was ultimately fired from his position.

Coach Kennedy’s only wish was to follow his conscience and give thanks for the game – and the players – that he cared about so much. But instead, he was fired. And no one should fear losing their job over their religious beliefs.

That is why I created this page – to raise awareness about this ongoing legal fight for Coach Kennedy’s religious freedom, and help support First Liberty Institute, the non-profit law firm representing him for free. First Liberty Institute is the largest legal organization solely dedicated to defending religious freedom for all Americans.

I hope you’ll donate my page so that I can reach my goal for Coach Kennedy, and I also hope you’ll consider creating your own fundraising page!  

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