The Arts prepares kids for the future

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Our mission is to bring art to life for the less fortunate children in our communities.

To make this happen, the International Art Foundation for Kids collects new art supplies, new and gently used music and dance equipment, and tickets to museums, shows and concerts. We then distribute these items to children of need within our communities for whom artistic pursuit can be difficult.

While we at the IAFK organize, coordinate and manage outreach campaigns, our ultimate success depends on the support of local communities and the generosity of the people who donate art supplies, as well as those who make monetary donations for the purchase of supplies.

Social welfare agencies, churches, local community agencies, local business leaders and other members of the community make our outreach possible. They help us to identify needy children in our communities, and they play an important role assisting us in collecting and distributing art supplies.

By working together, we can all introduce the beauty of art into the lives of those less fortunate.

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