Help Feed and Educate the Children of Fresh and Green Academy.

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The Fresh and Green Academy is located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The school was originally founded by local teacher Muday Mitiku, as a private, for-profit kindergarten in Kotebe. Muday saw a need to help the children that were begging in the street near the school, and provided them with free education and food. The school soon became an institution for needy childeren only but without this funding, the school would close. The Academy was in danger of closing when flight attendant Trish Hack-Rubinstein and a group of her colleagues visited the school on a volunteer trip. Inspired by Mitiku's vision, they returned to the United States and founded Friends of Fresh and Green Academy, Inc. Today, the organization fully funds Fresh and Green Academy, and makes several volunteer visits to the school per year.

Education and Support:  Friends of Fresh and Green Academy, Inc. is making a positive impact on one of Addis Ababa's poorest communities through the shared vision of Mitiku and Hack-Rubinstein. The school is unique in that it offers its 160 students three nutritious meals per day, clean water, clothing, medical and chiropractic care, and a free education. Besides the basic government sanctioned courses, the curriculum has been expanded to include art, English, music and physical education.

Friends of Fresh and Green Academy, Inc. also supports a Mothers Cooperative, involving 80 of the students' mothers. They help out at the school and create goods that are sold and earn an income to help support their families.

Hope for the Future: Friends of Fresh and Green is working to raise enough funds to build a school that can accommodate these students through the twelfth grade, which would include a boarding facility. They would also like to establish a scholarship fund for higher education. Friends of Fresh and Green Academy's vision is to instill a spirit of giving and compassion in the poorest of children with nourishment, an education and hope for their own future.

Friends of Fresh and Green Academy, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, fully dependent on donations. They operate a student sponsorship program through the organization's website, Through organized fundraisers and private donations, every penny raised goes directly to the operation of the Academy.

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