Helping 1% of the 1 Billion people that lack access to clean water in the next 5 years to change 10 million lives forever.

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Hosted by:David Zielski

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RainCatcher is a non-profit organization providing safe drinking water to some of the 1 billion without access to life's most basic need.

Focused on creating a chance at life and education for the children and the betterment of the community and it's ability to survive and prosper, donations to directly fund the installation of sustainable clean water solutions and educational services proven to save lives, greatly improve living conditions, grant children the ability to gain a proper education, and drastically reduce the ever-pending and fatal risk of the water-related diseases.

RainCatcher Public Service Announcement from RainCatcher on Vimeo.

Despite the immense size and scope of the pending world water crisis currently taking over 6,000 lives each day, modern technology plus ancient methods may make this problem one of the most solveable and attainable of all humanitarian efforts.

The only catch? We can't do it without you.


Be the Change.