In Memory of Wunder's Warrior Gary Nielsen

May 19
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Gary Harold Nielsen passed away on July 30, 2014 after a 19 month battle with Adenocarcinoma, which was found in the lining of the walls of his abdomen. Since the point of origin was unable to be determined, his diagnosis was coded as colon cancer so that they could have more latitude with treatment options.

Gary Nielsen loved sports, with a specific interest in football and dirt bike riding. He spent many afternoons coaching his children’s sporting events and planning nights out with his wife, Amy Dossa, and his children, Ricky (22), Jaime ( 21 ) , and Brett ( 10 ) . They were his everything. He enjoyed their many family trips and all of the times they spent together. Gary was a very passionate and positive man who always had his priorities and goals in the right order.   His family came first.

Throughout his amazing life, Gary was a rock for many and a true leader who perpetually looked out for the best interests of others. Gary was an inspiration to anyone who knew him. He truly made the world a better place and left a lasting impression on his countless number of friends and family members.


"Now I know- the universe functions like a mirror, you get what you give in virtually every experience. This is proven so simply with a genuine smile and embrace and interest given to those that are in your life. Now I know- there are great things beyond for all of us. I am curious about what's ahead.”

- Gary Nielsen          

In honor of Gary Nielsen, The WunderGlo Foundation continues our work for the cure!


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