Joseph A. Floreano Scholarship + Internship Program

Benefiting: IAVM Foundation
Hosted by:IAVM Foundation
Goal: $75,000
$46,826 4 62% Complete

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The Joseph A. Floreano Scholarship + Internship Program recognizes deserving individuals who demonstrate leadership, character, diversity, community involvement and the potential to be future leaders in the venue management industry.

The Joseph A. Floreano Scholarship + Internship Program was established after the untimely passing of Joseph A. Floreano, CFE, a long-time IAVM member, Foundation Trustee and the first and only Honorary Chairman of the Foundation Board of Trustees. Floreano was known for giving selflessly in both time and money to worthy industry causes. His leadership was aspirational and he took great pride in mentoring and supporting the advancement of the venue management industry. Joe Floreano was not only incredibly instrumental in the development of the Foundation’s ‘Build An Amazing Future’ campaign but also became the inspiration as he truly resembled and embodied everything it stands for. The contributions Floreano made to the Foundation are immeasurable and with that we believed that the naming of the scholarship program would be the most appropriate way to honor his legacy that will forever leave a mark on the Foundation. To learn more about the program please visit


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Founder's Circle ($5,000+)

  • Jason Rittenberry, CFE
  • VenuWorks

Chair's Circle ($1,000 - $4,999)

  • Bill 'Sparky' Bavirsha
  • Anthony Barbato
  • Jim D. Brown
  • Ron Beck
  • David Carpenter
  • Paul Cramer, CFE
  • Carol Floreano
  • Paul Martin
  • Jason Rittenberry, CFE
  • Thomas Schramm
  • Eric Smith
  • The Classic Center Cultural Foundation
  • IAVM Region II

Vice Chair's Circle ($500 - $999)

  • Linda Deckard
  • Anthony Floreano
  • Lou Mandell
  • Meredith Metcalf
  • Michael Ventrella

Director's Club ($100 - $499)

  • Keith Balcomb
  • Don Bates
  • Jim W. Brown II, CFE
  • John Eschler
  • Mike Farrell
  • Jacobstein Food Services
  • Freddie Jackson
  • Brad McAreavy
  • New York State Association of Agricultural Fairs, Inc.
  • John Parkhurst
  • Chris Reiss
  • Tim Riddle
  • Frank Russo
  • Patricia Slattery
  • Irene Sperling
  • The Classic Center

Ambassador's Club

  • Jan Addison
  • Robin Antil
  • Maureen Baker
  • Keith Baulk
  • Debbie Burgart
  • Vicki Cassidy
  • Kristie Estrada
  • Gary Firlit Jr.
  • Paula Kirchman
  • Jody Lake
  • Judy Mancini
  • Timm McCurdy
  • Nicole Musclow
  • Trish Plant
  • Andria Pullaro
  • Marci Rivera
  • Cheryl Wearen

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