Loving Tabs Healing Shirts

Hosted by:Emilio Nares Foundation

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Loving Tabs Healing Shirts were designed
BY Cancer Survivors, FOR Cancer Survivors!

  • They improve the treatment process for children and physicians, by enabling chemotherapy to be administered through a child’s permanent chest catheter port without having to lift or remove the garment, through an open-close shoulder panel.
  • This simple, yet innovative solution reduces fear and stress among children, and makes the treatment process faster and more effective!
  • The ENF Big Vision is to provide at least one Loving Tabs Healing Shirt for each child in the U.S. fighting cancer; that’s 40,000 children each year!

 We invite you to sponsor one or more Loving Tabs Shirts for $40 each that will be given to children fighting cancer at Children’s Hospitals in California, and beyond!

 Your sponsorship is 100% tax deductible, and provides a modest % of revenue that goes back to fund ENF programs, all while supporting a brave child who is battling cancer.




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