NaNoWriMo 2012 Author Sponsorship

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Goal: $25,000
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Looking for ways friends and family can encourage your writing and support a great nonprofit at the same time? Register today for a free NaNoWriMo fundraising page through StayClassy, then invite your legions of fans to support your NaNoWriMo novel by making a tax-deductible donation to NaNoWriMo in your name.

Why sign up to fundraise? We'll tell you!

First of all, there’s the swag. We'll send you NaNoWriMo thank-you gifts at your total fundraising level at the end of the event. So if you get one person to donate $25, you'll get the NaNoWriMo donor gifts for the $25 level. Get 20 people to donate $25, and we'll send you the gift armada of the $500 thank-you package.

Check out our store for the details on those awesome goodies, including 2012's new Donor Halo bracelets.

And the rewards don’t stop there! We couldn't continue National Novel Writing Month without you, and this year, we'll be celebrating our top fundraising partners with some Grand Prizes. In order:

  1. An iPad 3
  2. Kindle Touch
  3. A 2nd-draft critique from Writer's Digest
  4. And Gotham Writers' Workshop is offering our next three top fundraisers each a 10-week writing workshop of their choice.

Besides, what better way to commit to your passion project then by asking your friends and family to sponsor your novel this year? This November, you'll be undertaking a writing marathon of epic proportions. When the going gets touch, and your fingers are sore to the bone, knowing that your loved ones are waiting to celebrate with you as you dash off "The End" is the very best kind of motivation.

Not only that, your support of our nonprofit will enable us to keep National Novel Writing Month going, and growing. Every dollar you raise will go towards our programs, which empower

  • 350,000 kids and adults
  • in approximately 100 countries,
  • 2,000 classrooms,
  • and 200 libraries to write their stories every year.

You'll enjoy the karmic benefits of knowing that you’re helping to inspire thousands kids and adults in communities and classrooms around the world.

Sign up today to fundraise! Once registered you can log in to your account to customize your personal fundraising page, send emails to donors, put the word out on your social media pages, and view the status of your fundraising efforts.

Want to sponsor a friend or family member's novel? Find the NaNoWriMo novelist you want to support here! All donations go to The Office of Letters and Light, NaNoWriMo’s parent nonprofit, and are 100% tax-deductible in the United States.