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Red My Lips is an international nonprofit organization. We run an annual global awareness campaign where our supporters (which we call 'Warriors') wear red lipstick all throughout April - Sexual Assault Awareness Month - to raise awareness and funds. We use red lipstick to create visibility, combat rape myths and victim-blaming, and demonstrate solidarity and support for ALL survivors.


Our mission is to transform our culture of sexual violence by educating, inspiring, and mobilizing a global community to red their lips, raise their voices, and create real change.

Why red lipstick?

One of the most pervasive myths about sexual violence is that it is provoked by attraction or desire. Connected with this, victims are often blamed, shamed, and forced to suffer in silence. Given its connection with sexuality and attraction, red lipstick seems a fitting weapon with which to combat these damaging myths and victim-blaming attitudes. It gives supporters an easy (and safe) way to stand together and make the bold statement that victims are NEVER responsible for sexual violence. EVER.

What YOU Can Do:

  1. Wear red lipstick in April and speak out!
  2. Share this campaign with your friends & family 
  3. Support our work by making a donation 
  4. *Become a Fundraiser!

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Red My Lips is a 501(c)3 organization. Tax ID #: 47-1887621