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Give the Gift of Hope!

Many of Mama Ada's neighbors in Ziwa, Kenya live in small mud huts on an acre of land.  Most of these farmers are mothers and fathers and grandparents, working so hard to put food on the table for their children.  It is all such a struggle for them most days and, often, they don't even have seeds to plant in the spring. 

This is where we step in - to give a gift of seeds.  In just a few short weeks, these farmers' neighbors want to help them plant their fields, if they are elderly or disabled or alone.  Yet we need your help to make it happen.  It costs only $64 to provide seeds and fertilizer that enable a family to have food for a year.   

To break it down further:   A donation of $32 provides food for a family for half a year; a donation of $16 provides food for a family for three months.  And by giving a donation of $100, you do even more! 

Please don't hesitate, as time is running out.  Give the gift of seeds to a farmer by making a donation of any size.  Your donation is a gift that grows and grows - both in the Kenyan fields and in the hearts of farmers!   Give a gift of hope to a family in Kenya today! 










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