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Student Veterans of America (SVA) supports more than 1,500 chapters on campuses in all 50 states and in four countries, and directly reaches over 160,000 SVA chapter members. SVA builds student leaders through Leadership Summits and a Leadership Institute, partners with Team Depot to build Veteran Centers, makes Chapter Grants to chapters to serve members and do community service events, awards scholarships, helps colleges and universities build student veteran focused programming and more.

SVA needs your support to do this work, and to extend our reach to the more than 600,000 student veterans on campuses where we have chapters, and nearly 1.1 million student veterans and 200,000 family members using the GI Bill currently. We also need your support to build programs to help the nearly 2/3 of student veterans who are first generation college students with their decisions on where to go to college, what to study, how to find internships, build networks, and how to start their careers.

  • $500 allows us to bring a student veteran to an SVA Leadership Summit.
  • $300 allows us to share SVA's partner tools like Mercer Match and Veterati with prospective and current students and alumni.
  • $150 allows us to answer 50 calls or emails from veterans seeking advice on transferring from community colleges to four year institutions.
  • $100 allows us to send our newsletter to 22,000 students each month.
  • $50 allows us to fund a travel stipend to send a student veteran registration to our National Conference.
  • $25 monthly from 10 donors or $2500 allows us to make a chapter grant that enables a service project.

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