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Hello Tribe! We're creating something exciting and need your help!

Our documentary film Tough Bond has had a phenomenal global film festival run and is currently available for purchase and rental through iTunes and Amazon! 
Since we began filming, its been our dream to host screenings across the country to bring Kenyan communities together to listen to the silenced voices of their children. This dream is now becoming a reality!
Armed with a gigantic screen, speakers and a generator, we will travel through Kenya's cities, presenting Free, Public screenings of our film to the communities that helped create it. The screenings will be presented by the teenagers featured in the film followed by a Q&A inviting members of the community and it's leaders to join a critical dialog. 


Tough Bond is the story of Sinbad, Akai, Peter and Anto. The film is told through their eyes, the eyes of 4 street children neglected by their communities, living in the cracks of society, bursting with enormous strength to invent a new way to survive on Kenya's streets. 
Calling themselves "Survivors", the children have created a new tribe for themselves. A new identity rooted in their daily hustle, humour, and struggle bound by an addiction to huffing glue to cope with the growing difficulties of street life. 
There is a violently negative perception of Survivors. Most people are frightened by them, by their filthy clothes and desperate behavior. It has become socially acceptable to abuse and force the children out of public spaces.
The government turns a blind eye. Communities throw their hands up. The neighbors are afraid. The families are destroyed. 
The Tough Bond Kenya Tour brings communities together. Indigenous tribes, street children, Kenya's urban city dwellers and government officials will all watch Tough Bond together, for free, in open public space. The children will go from being invisible to being heroes on a movie screen in front of their own communities. Critical dialog will be sparked.
Awareness leads to action.
In August 2013, we held a test screening in Kenya's capital city, Nairobi. We brought the teenagers featured in the film and they led the Q&A with an audience of 60 people comprised of media, politicians, entrepreneurs and artists. 
After the screening, the audience looked the teenagers in their eyes and with tears streaming down their cheeks, they deeply apologized. They admitted they had known nothing about their lives and that Tough Bond helped them understand the painful life they had been living. The audience asked the teenagers how they could help. Their response: Help us tell our story.
The "Survivors" were SEEN and HEARD for the very first time.
Each stop of the tour will be 2 days. Day 1 begins with live music and dancing as the sun goes down. We'll screen the film followed by a Q&A led by the street kids featured in the film. Day 2 we'll host conversations between the public and local leaders in order to reflect on the issues of the film and how traditional social structures can be restored to keep communities and families intact. Thus, creating a tangible community driven action plan.
The tour will travel for 30 days. The route is the same course of urbanization traveled in the film- from the traditional Indigenous villages on the shores of Lake Turkana, through emerging central towns, all the way to the booming capital city, Nairobi and into the central slum of Kiamaiko.
The tour is working with local community and council in each location to ensure the message of Tough Bond continues to be echoed through the communities and that local action groups begin tangible work to bring children off of the streets and into loving homes.
TO MAKE THIS TOUR HAPPEN WE NEED YOUR HELP! To cover the expenses of the tour our goal is to raise $50,000.
(Village Beat is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. All Donations are Tax-Deductible.)
The Tough Bond Kenya Tour will help us understand that we are powerful and through opening our hearts and listening to the silenced, together we can take responsibility for Our Children, Our Future.

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