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4,000 women and children are currently being evacuated from two besieged towns in the Idlib governorate of western Syria to designated areas around the city of Homs – right now, this week. They have lived under siege for more than three years. Our team there will coordinate this move and provide support and shelter.

The Need
Three years of siege, never clean water, no medical care, always gnawing hunger... all of these women and children in need of everything from doctors to dry, warm clothes. And it is winter in Syria. Like winter in Ohio, only more wind.

Our Response
What we will do:

  • Coordinate safe passage to the safe area,
  • Emergency food aid,
  • Ensure clean water,
  • Winterize their shelters and get them warm with clothes & blankets,
  • Setup and staff medical clinics – we have the space – we do not have the medical equipment and medicine,
  • Trauma counseling,
  • Little educational activities for children to feel "normal" again.

How Can I Help?
We have one week to act. For 4,000 women and children to feel that their suffering is not forever.  

  • We have experienced staff and willing volunteers on the ground.
  • We do not have the funds needed.

Help us as first responders in this emergency for 4,000 women and children coming out of a three year siege.

$50,000 would get this going for them $12.50 per woman, per girl, per child – the price of a couple of Christmas-special lattes! Wow! What a latte can do! Do it with us! Please!

UPDATE: We have begun recieving 2,500 sick and wounded displaced persons at our safe space near Homs. We did have an evacuation plan  to move 4,000 women and children, but the need has grown to 17,000 people. Please continue to give generously so we can meet the need.

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