We Need Life in Southeast San Diego

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December 31, 2016 at 12:00am
Goal: $65,000
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We Need Life in Southeast San Diego is a campaign to open a pro-life crisis pregnancy clinic in Southeast San Diego.

Recently, undercover videos of Planned Parenthood have been released which confirm the horrifying realities of abortion. The human toll of abortion has been tremendous, since its legalization in 1973 over 55 million babies have been aborted in America. That’s more than 55 million of the most defenseless among us who never had the chance to grow and breathe and live. Countless mothers and fathers have had their lives destroyed by the consequences of abortion. To know that this is continuing to happen in our country, our state, and our city is appalling.  

Many women when faced with an unintended pregnancy are at a critical and vulnerable point. 84% of post-abortive women say they felt that abortion was their only option! If we want to end abortion then we have to help women who are at that critical point. San Diego has several Pro-Life crisis pregnancy centers that do exactly that. These centers provide real help to women who are in need. They offer counseling, ultrasounds, adoption referral, diapers, formula, baby clothes and maternity clothes, parenting classes, and many more life affirming alternatives.

The East County Pregnancy Care Center (located in El Cajon) has a vision to open a second clinic in Southeast San Diego but they can't do it without our help. The cost of opening the new clinic is only $100,000 and they have already raised $50,000, that means that we need to raise $50,000 to start saving babies and helping mothers.But if you look at a map of San Diego there is one glaring weakness. Almost all of the crisis pregnancy centers in San Diego are in North County and along the 8 corridor. There is no pro-life pregnancy care clinic between the college area and Chula Vista. The highest minority populations in San Diego are in these communities and abortion has disproportionately affected minority communities. 79% of abortion clinics are in predominantly minority neighborhoods and South East San Diego is no exception. The people most at risk for abortions in America are African American and Hispanic women. African American women are almost five times as likely to have an abortion as white women. The people most in need of our help are the people who live in these communities of South East San Diego. 

Will you consider donating today and sharing this campaign with your family and friends.  Thank You.

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