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Honor someone you know who is living with a disability with a three-line inscription on the granite plaza of the FDR Hope Memorial planned for Roosevelt Island in NYC.

In addition to FDR and other public figures who have served as examples of perseverence through the challenges of a disability, many of us have a friend or family member who is disabled and has similarly inspired us.

WHO'S YOUR FDR? Become a Fundraiser and honor your personal hero.

Each tribute, on its own granite stone, will be a part of the plaza pictured below. 

Tributes, like the one above, will be set alongside light-colored Timeline pavers that tell the interrelated stories of FDR + Roosevelt Island + polio. 


A tribute page to your honoree will be included on the FDR Hope website

Your tribute will be inscribed on FDR Hope's granite plaza
+ a tribute page to your honoree will be included on the FDR Hope website

A souvenir inscribed stone will be shipped as a gift for the honoree
+ your tribute will be inscribed on FDR Hope's granite plaza
+ a tribute page to your honoree will be included on the FDR Hope website

If you're interested in becoming a primary funder of the Memorial, please contact us at support@fdrhopememorial.org.

The FDR Hope Memorial presents FDR's accomplishments within the context of his disability. The story of FDR's perseverance—and the Memorial's message—is one of hope and inspiration to people who are presented with the challenges of all forms of disability.


Together, your friends and family will honor a friend or relative. 

Each tribute is inscribed on its own granite stone, approximately 8" x 24". You write the three lines of text:

Line 1: Name of honoree

Line 2: Disability


For the type of disability, use a noun (autism) rather than an adjective (autistic). We'll let you know that your text is approved or we'll work with you to revise it.

Line 3: Remembrance / relation / profession / accomplishment


Stones on the plaza are still available.

The Memorial plaza is made up of a limited number of stones, but they're not all taken yet. If you start now and reach the fundraising goal in time, you're guaranteed a spot. You'll have at least a month to reach the goal. We'll let you know when fundraising has to be complete at least a month before the deadline.


Let your honoree know.

The FDR Hope Memorial celebrates the accomplishments of people with disabilities — accomplishments that are inspiring to everyone. Nevertheless, some people who have disabilities prefer not to be associated with their disabilities at all. Therefore, please ensure that one of the following is true before setting up your fundraising page.

  • You know the honoree personally and he or she has given consent for this honor.
  • The honoree is deceased. You knew the honoree personally and believe this tribute is appropriate.
  • You do not know the honoree personally. The honoree's consent will been sent to the FDR Hope team via email or Twitter before you start to fundraise.

If the honoree would prefer not to have his or her disability shown on the inscribed stone, just type a space into the text box for Line 2: Disability when setting up your fundraising page.


Setting up your fundraising page

1. After registering, you'll be asked for your page title. Use your honoree's name, as follows: Honoring Alicia Weathers. The top of your page will look like this:

    Alex Smith
    Honoring Alicia Weathers

2. Enter your shipping address if you think you might fundraise toward the second, $1,200 goal.

3. Next, enter the three lines of your inscription. Inscriptions will be engraved using only upper case letters. There is a maximum of about 22 characters per line.

We will send you an image showing an approximation of what your stone will look like with the three lines of text. You can upload that image to your fundraising page (and your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...) so potential contributors can see how the inscription on the granite plaza will appear.  

Once you've gotten started, click on Edit Your Page and replace "honoree's name" in the first sentence of your fundraising page with the name of your honoree.


Along with supporting the R.I. Disabled Association, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, your friends and family will be celebrating the determination of people living with disabilities.

If you have any questions, please first read below and then email us at support@fdrhopememorial.org.

Before getting started, pop open this page in another window, so you can refer back to the information here, then click BECOME A FUNDRAISER at the top right of the page and do something great for someone you know!



What happens if my fundraising page doesn't reach the fundraising goal?

All contributions will go the R.I. Disabled Association whether or not the $600 goal is reached. If your fundraising total is at least $10 (the minimum contribution) a tribute page to your hero will appear on the FDR Hope website. The tribute page will include at least the three-line text, your name, and the list of contributors for your honoree. 

How will I know when the fundraising deadline is?

At least a month before the deadline, we will post on the website and also send you an email with the date when fundraising must be complete in order for your tribute to be engraved on the plaza. So as of now, you've got a least a month to reach the goal.

How will the funds be used?

Funds raised in the WhosYourFDR campaign will support current and future programs of the R.I. Disabled Association, which include the FDR Hope Memorial project and its endowment.

Can the honoree have any disability?


Does the honoree have to be living?


May I honor a celebrity?

A public figure can be the subject of a tribute only if you have that person's written consent. Have the consent emailed to support@fdrhopememorial.org or sent via Twitter by direct message or tweet to @fdrhopememorial from a Twitter-verified account.

When will the souvenir inscribed stones be shipped?

The replicas will be shipped within about a month of the opening of the Memorial. As currently planned, stones would be received prior to the holidays in December.

Is shipping included?

The cost of crating and shipping is included for souvenir stones shipped to within the continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Contact us regarding shipping to other locations.

What size are the stones?

Each stone — on the plaza or shipped in the mail — is about 7 3/4" by 23 3/4". The stones shipped as gifts have a thickness of about 3/4" and weigh about 15 lbs. 

May I fundraise for more than one souvenir inscribed stone?

Yes, for every additional $600 raised, we'll ship to you another souvenir inscribed stone.

Can I choose to receive a souvenir inscribed stone rather than have the tribute inscribed on the plaza?

No, the first $600 raised must go toward an inscribed stone on the plaza at the Memorial.

Are contributions tax deductible?

Yes, between 75% and 100% of each contribution is tax deductible. If a souvenir inscribed stone is sent in the mail, the value of that inscribed stone is not tax deductible. In that case, the percentage of each donor's contribution that is tax deductible will be less than 100%. If no souvenir inscribed stone is sent, then 100% of each donor's contribution will be tax deductible. Donors will receive an email no later than the end of the following January, with the actual percentage of each contribution — from 75% to 100% — that is tax deductible.

May I donate to the fundraiser that I set up?

Absolutely! It's a good way to get some momentum going.

Why might the text of my tribute not be approved at first?

All tributes must have the same type of content on each line; for example, the second line describes the kind of disability, and it is written as a noun rather than an adjective. Also, the spelling must be perfect because the text really is going to be engraved in stone. If everything isn't okay, we'll work with you to get it right.

May I change the text of the tribute?

Once people have donated to your page, you can make changes to the spelling of the name, but not who the honoree is, and you can make corrections to the second line (the disability) and changes to the third line. Send us an email with the revision and we'll review the new text.

Does the honoree's disability have to be included in the inscription?

No, although it is more meaningful for visitors to the Memorial to see the person's accomplishment or remembrance listed together with the disability — especially for those visitors who share that disability. You can omit the disability in the inscription by typing a space in the text box for Line 2 of the inscription. You can also display a generic condition, e.g., PHYSICAL DISABILITY, HIDDEN DISABILITY, CONGENITAL DISABILITY.

When can I see the inscription at the Memorial?

The Memorial is planned to open in 2018. Follow us on Twitter or check our website at fdrhopmemorial.org for updates. We'll probably send you an invitation via email, too. Hope to see you in New York for the opening!


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