Worldbuilders for Syrian Refugees

Benefiting: Worldbuilders
Hosted by:Worldbuilders
September 23, 2015 at 11:45pm
Goal: $200,000
$202,570 4 101% Complete

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Update: 9/22/15

  • 2:00pm: Another anonymous supporter has approached us, this time with anotehr $25,000 donation! That means we can match the donations from $175k to $200k, so we've bumped up our goal to reflect that awesome news.


  • 12:00am: We've received another $10,000 from an anonymous supporter to use as matching. It'll be used so every donation from $165k to $175k will be matched! To accommodate that, and the fact that we've got so much cool stuff going on, we're extending the end of the fundraiser to Wednesday, September 23!


  • 6:00am: Two more anonymous donors stepped up with $5,000 and $3,000 to match incoming donations, and Patrick Rothfuss donated the remainder, so every donation from here to $155,000 will be matched.


  • 10:00am: Another anonymous supporter has kicked $5,000 into our matching fund, so everything up to $105,000 is being matched with an additional $105,000!
  • 12:00pm: We've officially passed $105k, meaning at least $210k is going to help those in need. We've done a lot of good already, so let's keep going to see how much more we can raise.


  • 1:30pm: We have been approached by a generous supporter (who wishes to remain anonymous) who is matching the third $25,000, so the fundraiser is matched up to $75k. Many of us in the office are crying, and we love all of you.
  • 6:15pm: We have another anonymous supporter matching another $5,000 of donations! We've bumped up our goal to $80,000, all of which is matched.
  • 8:05pm: Yet another anonymous supporter will be matching $20,000 in donations! The goal is now $100,000, and every dollar of that will be matched.

Worldbuilders knows that geeks are passionate, empathetic people. We know you've heard the news about the Syrian refugees, and we're betting you want to help. We want to help too, so we're launching this fundraiser to give everyone a chance to band together and help families that have literally lost everything.

100% of the money raised here will be donated to Mercy Corps, a charity with more than 30 years of experience. What's more, they're already deeply involved in bringing aid to the refugees.

Even better, Worldbuilders will be matching donations for the first $25,000 raised. (And now Patrick Rothfuss has kicked in another $25k so we can match up to $50k). So if you donate 20 bucks, so will we. If you kick in 250, we'll double it so you'll actually be providing 500 dollars worth of relief to people who desperately need it.

Over the past four years, more than 11 million people have lost their homes, family, friends, schools, and livelihood in the Syrian civil war. Over 4 million of these people have fled Syria entirely, and neighboring countries do not have the infrastructure to support them.

Donations will provide food, clothing, clean water, medical care, and even education for children who haven't seen their homes in years.

This fundraiser will be ending on Friday September 18th, so jump in now and let us help you double up on your donation.

Let's do our best to make the world a better place.

The Worldbuilders Team

If you have any questions for Worldbuilders or would like to help with the fundraiser in any way, email us at