FREE Heart Screening /Floral Park , NY

Benefiting: Heart Screen New York
Oct 26
Hosted by:Heart Screen New York
October 26, 2013 at 9:00am to
October 26, 2013 at 3:00pm
Floral Park Memorial High School map 210 Locust Street Floral Park, NY 11001

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Heart Screen New York is providing free heart screenings for children and young adults between the ages of 12 and 24 years old that can detect risk factors and conditions associated with sudden cardiac arrest. It's safe, quick, non-invasive and painless! The heart screening consists of:

  • Personal & family health history
  • Blood pressure reading
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Echocardiogram for those with abnormal ECG or other risk factors
  • Results reviewed by Board certified cardiologist
  • CPR/AED education

Early detection saves lives!

How to register:

1. go to upper right corner on home page

2. Enter number of students you wish to register  in quantity box

3. click Red box Order now

4. Enter student information

Screenings are FREE.
Donations are not expected but appreciated to help defray screening costs and fund future screenings.

Forms to be downloaded, completed and signed by parent/guardian and MUST be brought in on day of screening:

What is Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)?

  • SCA is the condition in which the electrical system to the heart malfunctions, resulting in a disruption of the heart's normal rhythm and the loss of its ability to deliver blood to the body. If untreated, this abrupt disruption results in sudden death.

Who is at risk for SCA?

  • SCA can strike persons of any age, gender or race, including those that seem in good health and at peak physical fitness
  • Most youth with undetected heart conditions typically appear very healthy
  • Many youth never exhibit any signs or symptoms until SCA occurs
  • SCA is the leading cause of death in young athletes

What is an electrocardiogram (ECG)?

  • An ECG is a simple, painless, non-invasive test that measures the electrical activity of the heart.

Know the Warning Signs and Symptoms of a Heart Condition:

  • fainting (syncope) or seizure during or after physical activity or from emotional excitement, emotional distress or startle
  • chest pain or discomfort/racing heartbeat
  • unusual shortness of breath
  • unusual fatigue/tiredness
  • dizziness/lightheadedness during or after physical activity
  • family history of heart disease
  • family history of unexpected sudden death during physical activity or during a seizure, or any other unexplained sudden death of an otherwise healthy family member under age 50

Consult a physician promptly if you or someone you know has one or more of these signs and/or symptoms


Heart Screen New York is a program sponsored and developed by

Louis J. Acompora Memorial Foundation :

Dominic A. Murray 21 Memorial Foundation :

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