Medie Kaytid

A Team Fundraising Page Benefiting QORDS
  • Team goal:
  • $1,000
  • Raised so far:
  • $163
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  • 7 of 8
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This month I will be participating in LUEWWD's (League of Upper Extremity Wrestling Women of Durham) fundraising event to help benefit QORDS. QORDS is a queer oriented summer camp, a safe haven if you will, for queer students to freely and creatively express themselves.
I will be one of the arm-wrestling competitors for the event and will wrestling under the persona 'Medie Kaytid'. Before the event a team is created and that team does their part to raise funds not only to help benefit the organization we're fundraising for, but also the wrestler with the most donations wins the coveted titled of 'Madame Moneymaker'. 

Please support me and QORDS by contributing what you can toward this campaign for my contestant to  win Madame Moneymaker. THANK YOU! 

If you can't make a donation at this point, help her reach the goal by sharing this page on Facebook and Twitter! Or, even better, send an e-mail to friends you think might be interested in contributing and include a link to this team page!

Thanks so much for your generosity!