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Welcome to the home of TEAM ABI! 

Our individual team members have combined digital forces to create this awesome fundraising team. Together we will raise more money for San Diego Brain Injury Foundation than we ever could alone!  TEAM ABI has always been one of the top fund-raisers —so let’s do it again this year!

We walk, advocate and educate--- and celebrate--- as a team.  

The students, staff, and families of the Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Programs are especially proud to participate in this "survive HEADSTRONG--Walk for Brain Injury Recovery", that will exclusively benefit survivors and their families  here in San Diego

  • Everyone knows what it feels like to have a word--maddenly---on the “tip of your tongue.”  Now imagine having that feeling most of the time.  That’s what aphasia feels like after damage to the left hemisphere.
  • Imagine having to think about exactly what your tongue, lips, and throat are doing every time you swallow.  That’s what dysphagia feels like after damage to the brain’s cranial nerves.
  • Imagine trying to write legibly and neatly with your non-preferred hand from this point forward.  Try taking some lecture notes like that some time.  That’s what many people after damage to their brain’s motor strip have to do.
  • Imagine getting overwhelmed and “flooded” by emotions when you try to add one extra thing to your schedule. Or forgetting details of conversations.  
  • Or forgetting that you’ve already said or read something—much of the time. That’s what many brain injury survivors feel, even after a concussive type injury. 
  • All of this, on a daily basis, is exhausting. But you may “look fine” on the outside. 

Since the early 1980's, the San Diego Community College District’s Continuing Education has provided three comprehensive non-credit, FREE programs of classes, exclusive to brain injury survivors, called the Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Programs. Most recently, an evening class (6-9 pm) was added. The ABI Programs serve students who are recently completing hospital-based post-acute rehabilitation programs, as well as students who are several years or even decades post-injury, including those who never have received formal rehabilitation. These classes provide a continuum of services unique to San Diego that integrates the multiple needs of adults with brain injuries. The holistic approach at each program is designed to offer survivors the tools they need to achieve their academic, vocational, community and social goals.  Part of the money raised by TEAM ABI goes to help fund special projects for students of the ABI classes.

Check us out at:

ABI Program on the Mesa Campus (CE-Mesa):  619-388-1952 or at:

ABI Program at ECC:  619-388-4812   or at:

ABI Program at West City:  619-388-1866   or at:

ABI Cognitive Retraining Evening Class:  619-388-1952 or at: