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End of Week Update

Update #7  •   Posted 1365 day(s) ago


Walked the rest of the week and Saturday; but today (Sunday) it's stormy so I will take the day off-my first since I began this campaign on August 23rd.  I figured I was way ahead in terms of mileage it wouldn't do any harm in letting my body rest.

Severe weather will be the theme for today as it's transitioning North Dakota from summer to fall/winter. From here on out, the temps will trend downwards.  Nights will soon be frosty.  And in a not too distance future, snow will begin to fly.


Mid-Week Update

Update #6  •   Posted 1369 day(s) ago



"Life isn't a matter of milestones, but of moments." -Rose Kennedy


Is it really Wednesday already?  And not only that, it's the last day of August.  Fall is just upon us here in North Dakota.  Days are pleasantly warm still but the nights are getting cooler.  Most of the birds have migrated out of the region and to the south which is indicative of the coming change of seasons.  In over a month, it may be snowing.


Made myself roll out of bed earlier this morning.  I wanted to watch the sunrise.  Love the sunrises here. 

Anyhoo...walked 2 miles Monday and yesterday.  Today I decided to hit the treadmill (located in one of the detached garages on the farmstead) and logged in 1 mile. 

Later this afternoon, I'm going to venture out on my own (first time ever) on the region's public transportation to do light grocery shopping.

Wish me luck.


Life isn't a matter of milestones, but of moments.
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Life isn't a matter of milestones, but of moments. Rose Kennedy
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Weekend Update

Update #5  •   Posted 1372 day(s) ago

Weekend is generally my time to catch up with laundry and today (Sunday) the weather is decent so I will be hanging the clothes outside to dry. 

Life in the country is lovely.

I did walk 2 miles yesterday, and today I did only 1 mile. 

Doing these walks would have been nearly impossible for me to do back at our previous home in North Carolina.  We lived in a subdivision that had well over 2,000 residents with NO sidewalks.  Too much traffic with too many variables to keep track to walk safely.  So, I hardly ever went outside.

Here is a whole different world.  North Dakota has been perfect for me.  I'm outside just about every day, and I'm loving every moment. 

Okay, enough with the rambling...need more coffee :-)

Don't Take It For Granted

Update #4  •   Posted 1374 day(s) ago

After I did my 2-mile walk this morning, I went out to the back of our farmstead and studied this field of wheat that's in the process of being harvested.  It may be dull, boring, flat or whatever to people but to me, it's beautiful. 

In fact, everything seems beautiful to me. 

Especially the sunrises and sunsets.  These are so gorgeous in North Dakota.

The above pic of the sunset was takne last Fall which does NOT do it justice to show just how beautiful this was for me.

The bottom line? 

Having vison is precious. Don't take it for granted. 

Hints of Fall

Update #3  •   Posted 1375 day(s) ago


I can tell Fall is in the air.  Today was the first day of school for my son.  8th grade.

Ugh. I really that old????

Don't answer that.

I decided to do my walk as soon as he left on the bus. was chilly out there.  Cloudy with a brsk northwest wind...I don't think it was much above 60 degrees.  Actually wore a long-sleeved shirt. 

The farmers were out in the fields, harvesting wheat crops.  I walked along the edges of the dirt roads so not to get sideswiped by a tractor or a combine.  Managed 2 miles today.





Update #2  •   Posted 1376 day(s) ago


I'd originally planned to head out on my walk earlier today; but, my 13-year old son had to share with me his new schedule for the upcoming school year.  His presentation lasted well over fifteen minutes.  Hmm, I think someone's excited for school to start :-)  

It was a fairly rough summer for him.  He was supposed to have spent part of the summer with his cousins in western New York after school ended this past spring; but a nasty storm in June that caused considerable damage to our farmstead sidelined that trip. He didn't complain though which made me all the more proud of him.  He spent the summer helping his Daddy pick up and clean up around our 14-acre property.  Now, he's practically beside himself with excitement to see his friends and teachers. 

Bottom line, I think he's just happy to get away from us for a while.  ;p

Anyway, I sat there with a smile as I listened to him babble on and on about school.  I hope he'll stay this enthusiastic about school especially when he'd decided that he will go on to college after high school graduation.

Gosh, he's only in 8th grade.  Is it really nearly that time to start thinking about college? 

He reminds me a little of myself.  Personally, I loved college.  Then I learned I had Usher Syndrome and college became my "comfort blanket" from having to deal with the stark reality of losing my vision.  But...that's another story.   For a number of years, it was in the forefront of my mind (and Daddy's) wondering if our son will have what I have.  This past March we decided to take him to see an eye specialist for an examination.  We were told that at this point, our son has no signs of Retinitis Pigmentosa.  He's to return in three years for another exam.

As I took my 1-mile walk early this afternoon, the memory of how relieved I felt when I heard this played through in my mind.   Yes, at this point, my son isn't exhibiting any signs of RP but how many other parents out there are not that fortunate?  I thought of them, and prayed. 

And ended up walking nearly 3 miles.



Starting Point

Update #1  •   Posted 1377 day(s) ago


Hard to believe that just an hour earlier it was storming.  Heavy rain and loads of lightning and thunder.  I wondered if I'd be able to get outside.  Now look at it.  Clear blue sky.  Hot sun with a cool southeasternly breeze.  A perfect summer day in North Dakota :-)

I walked not one, but two miles today.  The roads here are open and you can see what's ahead for miles.  Perfect setting for someone like me.  Wide, wide open spaces are good when one has limited peripheral vision.  Moving up here to ND a little over a year ago has been one of the best things to happen to me.  Anxiety-wise.  It's been good for my family too. 

A great place to start over, to open a new chapter of one's life. 

"Why should you live in the past when the present already has everything that you need to start a new beginning?”
― Edmond Mbiaka