A Smarter Way to Fundraise: Explore Classy’s Fundraising Intelligence Suite

Fundraising event software by Classy Live

Create meaningful giving moments throughout your virtual, hybrid, and in-person events.

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Expand engagement possibilities

Enhance attendee involvement, boost fundraising efforts, streamline event communications, and increase revenue for your cause.

Streamlined registration

Simplify sign-up, capture custom questions, offer various ticket options, and encourage fundraising prior to your event.

Elevated auctions

Inspire donations with built-in SMS and email messaging, fuel merchandise sales, and drive digital donation commitments.

Flexible venues

Provide the best of both worlds and appeal to wider audiences with tailored in-person, online, and hybrid experiences.

Unlock potential with event fundraising

  • Easily add live and silent auction items, fixed-priced items, and paddle raise items directly within your Classy Live dashboard
  • Create digital displays to show the current bids, highlight recent bids, and display your total raised
  • Prompt attendees to pay via self-checkout on any device after receiving a detailed receipt to their email
  • Filter your dashboards or access out-of-the-box reports for insights into your online auction performance
  • Establish connected experiences for in-person and virtual attendees in whichever venue they choose
  • Upgrade your virtual venue with native and embedded livestreaming capabilities to broadcast to a global audience
  • Display live leaderboards, celebrate campaign progress, and mobilize day-of donations via text-to-donate or paddle raise
  • Host virtual tables, breakout rooms, and speed networking to facilitate more intimate attendee conversations
  • Share your event schedule with attendees before arrival for a seamless experience
  • Send event updates via text and email before, during, and after your event
  • Connect with online supporters anytime, anywhere with live leaderboards, polls, chat, speed networking, and more
  • Host virtual tables at your gala or allow team members to cheer each other on in custom breakout rooms
  • Check in guests via the attendees menu or by scanning their mobile QR codes
  • Update event details at any time to reflect your latest information, updates, and achievements
  • Duplicate and customize recurring events to achieve major time-savings
  • Access various metrics under Virtual, Stage, and Room Reports in Classy Live to evaluate your event success
“For everyone involved in this event, from operations & marketing to fundraising, we were all gifted time back and peace of mind [using Classy Live]. We used that time to connect with attendees and donors and steward those relationships even after the event.”
– Carrie Biondi, Senior Director of Marketing and Operations


Can I create custom pages for each Classy Live event?

Yes, you can create a custom event page for each Classy Live event to accept registrations, sell tickets, and encourage guests to fundraise on your behalf leading up to the event. All registrations sync into Classy Live where you can manage your in-person, hybrid, or virtual event experiences.

What in-person event tools does Classy Live offer?

Classy Live allows you to manage your table and seating assignments, check guests in at the door, create visually appealing digital displays to track fundraising progress, host a paddle raise, manage your silent auction and mobile bidding with ease, and so much more.

Does Classy Live offer single sign-on for admins?

Yes, Classy and Classy Live streamline access with single sign-on. Administrators can use their Classy login credentials to seamlessly access Classy Live.

What security and scalability measures does Classy have in place?

Classy builds security into the foundation of all our products and services.

Our comprehensive approach includes governance, continuous scanning and monitoring, and robust infrastructure. Our dedicated team receives regular training to stay updated with the latest security practices and threats.

We’re a PCI DDS Level 1 service provider that utilizes industry best practices like the OWASP Top 10. We use Cloudflare for protection and partner with Stripe, PayPal, and Coinbase for secure payments.

Learn more about our security here.

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