Giving Tuesday and Year-End Giving Campaign Resource Center

Our resource center has what you need to plan and execute your 2020 Giving Tuesday campaign with ease. In fact, in 2019, nonprofits raised 3X more on average when they used Classy’s resources to prepare for Giving Tuesday. Check out our campaign examples, tips, and library of free resources below and learn how to effectively transition into the year-end giving season.

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Why Participate in Giving Tuesday?

As the second-largest giving day of the entire year, Giving Tuesday is the perfect launch pad for your year-end giving campaign. This year, Giving Tuesday falls on December 1, 2020.

While it’s been a challenging year, Giving Tuesday and the year-end giving season present a critical opportunity to connect with your supporters and donor base. Use our tools and resources to inspire and rally the support of your community.

Sneak peak into resource library assets including The Ultimate Giving Tuesday Planning Checklist & Giving Tuesday Email Templates

Through our own platform analysis, we found that Giving Tuesday does not cannibalize year-end giving, but rather bolsters overall fundraising results by tapping into two different networks of donors.

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Giving Tuesday
2019 Results

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of the U.S. population participated
adults donated on Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday Results

December 1, 2020

People around the world came together on December 1, for a record-setting day of giving. Check out the wrap-up results to get the lowdown on Classy's fundraising activity.
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Giving Tuesday Resource Center

Get the guides, checklists, templates, stories, and tips you need to reach more supporters and raise more money than ever before between Giving Tuesday and December 31.

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Sneak peak into resource library assets including The Ultimate Giving Tuesday Planning Checklist & Giving Tuesday Email Templates

What’s Inside the Resource Center

We’re not joshing. Organizations who used Classy’s Giving Tuesday resources in 2019 raised 3X more on average than those who did not.

In our new and improved resource center, you’ll find the latest materials you need to plan, design, and execute your year-end giving efforts, from your Giving Tuesday campaign launch to the final days of the year. These resources will help you build a data-informed fundraising strategy and attract more support.

Stay on Track

Giving Tuesday Planning Checklist

When you plan ahead for your Giving Tuesday and year-end campaigns, you increase your chances of exceeding your fundraising goal and ensuring the influx of new donors become avid members of your community. In this Giving Tuesday campaign checklist, we walk through everything you need to align your team around goals, establish early momentum, stay on track, and knock your campaign out of the park.

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3X Nonprofits raised three times more on average when they used Classy's resources to prepare for Giving Tuesday.
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Save Time

Giving Tuesday Email Templates

The right email strategy is critical to drumming up support for the big day, and beyond. Get 10 free email templates in this guide and use them to craft your communications and activate supporters leading up to Giving Tuesday. It’s as easy as copy, paste, and tweak.

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3X Giving Tuesday donors were 3 to 4 times more likely to become peer-to-peer fundraisers than year-end donors.

Leverage Design
Best Practices and Campaign Tips

New Giving Tuesday Webinar Series

We’ve assembled Classy’s fundraising experts for a live, interactive webinar series to ensure you’re set up for success. We’re covering a range of topics during these sessions, including design tips and tricks to help your campaign stand out, how to transition a Giving Tuesday campaign into a year-end campaign, and fundraising best practices from the top 2019 Giving Tuesday campaigns. Get the fundraising, design, and campaign best practices you need to launch a campaign that inspires your donors to take action.

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6X On Classy, the number of new donors acquired on Giving Tuesday is 6X that of a typical day, making it a goldmine for donor acquisition.
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Build an Informed Strategy

Giving Tuesday Kicks Off the Year-End Season

December 1 through 31 earmarks one of, if not the most, impactful fundraising timeframes of the year. With the right strategy, you can carry the surge of momentum from the biggest giving day all the way into January. To help you optimize your Giving Tuesday campaign and maximize your fundraising potential, check out these best practices to unite your Giving Tuesday and year-end strategies.

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30% of annual giving takes place in the month of December.

Create a Standout Giving Tuesday Campaign

Check out the top Giving Tuesday campaigns from 2019 and learn how nonprofits of all sizes, missions, and fundraising strategies are approaching Giving Tuesday.

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“You miss 100% of the funds on the Giving Tuesday campaigns you don’t create.”

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