The 2nd Annual Fine Earth Adventure Race/Walk for Warriors - Benefiting K9s For Warriors - Presented by Premier Auto Body

Jun 24
Hosted by:K9s For Warriors Fundrais...
June 24, 2017 at 7:00am to
Harper Presgraves Training Facility map 1010 Greendale Road Harrisonburg, VA 22801
Goal: $300,000
$230,681 4 77% Complete

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Specialist Trevor Banks Intermediate Race Results

6. 60 Massanutten Resort Coed 43:18
7. 108 West Side Wolf Pack Coed 45:00
11. 69 Over 30 N' Gettin' Dirty Coed 50:21
13. 220 K9s for Warriors Coed 50:59
14. 17 Boss Coed 51:17
15. 70 Palleghany Coed 51:28
16. 44 Rogue Runners Coed 51:40
17. 1 #4thedawgs Coed 51:44
19. 11 Access Dermatology Coed 52:37
20. 37 FiandE Coed 52:42
22. 81 Spotswood Wrestlers Coed 53:07
23. 56 KC Clan Coed 54:05
25. 24 Fur A Cause Coed 56:05
26. 62 Metabolic Meltdown Coed 56:08
27. 221 TROP LIFE Coed 56:31
28. 31 CrossFit Harrisonburg - Intermediate Team Course Coed 56:43
29. 89 Team Powers Coed 56:58
30. 43 OTF Burns 4 Heroes Coed 57:00
31. 79 Speed Bumps Coed 57:15
32. 40 G Dogs Coed 57:17
33. 50 How you are doing Coed 58:01
35. 52 Jacare Coed 58:52
36. 94 Team Turd Coed 59:34
37. 99 Tight Butts and Sweaty Nuts Coed 1:00:46
38. 27 Classic Tuxedo Coed 1:01:16
40. 97 The Molar Bears Coed 1:01:38
41. 41 Staunton Ninjas Coed 1:02:21
45. 55 Kanes Team Coed 1:03:29
49. 54 K9 mudslingers Coed 1:03:42
50. 38 FinnyBay Coed 1:03:43
51. 68 Nicolkldz Coed 1:03:47
52. 26 Planet Fitness Triumphs Coed 1:05:04
53. 91 Team Richardson Coed 1:06:18
55. 25 Goon Squad Coed 1:07:05
56. 88 Team Peanut Coed 1:07:36
58. 110 Worst Pace Scenario Coed 1:08:17
59. 116 Amerigas Coed 1:08:57
60. 2 4 The Cause Coed 1:10:08
61. 46 Good Printers Inc. Coed 1:10:09
62. 109 West Valley Warriors Coed 1:10:22
63. 75 Rusty and The Iron Maidens Coed 1:11:27
65. 61 McDonough Toyota Coed 1:11:47
67. 95 The Fit, the Fat and the Fearless Coed 1:12:25
68. 71 RaleighWarriors Coed 1:12:33
69. 102 TSSI Coed 1:12:34
70. 67 Muddy Buddies Coed 1:12:42
71. 12 All Dogs Go To Heaven Coed 1:13:05
72. 103 TV3 Warriors Coed 1:13:26
75. 85 Team Costa Coed 1:13:49

76. 113 Harrisonburg Honda 1:15:39
77. 93 Team Trevor Coed 1:16:30
78. 107 Walking Dead Coed 1:16:39
80. 58 Kickin' Assets and Taking Names Coed 1:17:19
81. 23 Central Virginia VZ Coed 1:17:22
83. 21 Chicks with Kicks Coed 1:17:39
85. 74 Run Like the Winded Coed 1:25:15
86. 45 Get'R'Run Coed 1:27:11
88. 66 Mud Hole Patrol Coed 1:30:21
90. 39 Fugitive Task Force Coed 1:31:02
91. 111 SYNERGY STRONG! Coed 1:33:51
92. 15 Blue Ridge Beasts Coed 1:33:58
94. 77 See-Rose Coed 2:01:42
95. 9 Team Otter Coed 2:08:23
96. 76 Scrambled Legs Coed 2:10:09
97. 112 Team Lopez/Zoe Coed 2:54:11

34. 29 Copper Ridge Female 58:46
42. 73 Rub Some Dirt on It Female 1:03:11
43. 32 Dayton Animal Clinic Female 1:03:13
44. 106 VETS Rock Female 1:03:16
54. 10 Team Tutu Female 1:06:21
57. 96 The Hackens Girls Female 1:07:48
66. 59 LD&B Female 1:12:24
74. 19 Bull Dogs Female 1:13:38
84. 42 F&M Bank Team Haulin' Cash Female 1:24:10
89. 53 Jalapeño Mommas Female 1:30:38
98. 90 Team Purple Rain Female 4:02:19

1. 84 Team Awesome! Male 32:22
2. 8 Rod Pollard Male 39:31
3. 118 Dustin Mason #2447 VFW Male 42:49
4. 117 Nice and Steady Male 43:02
5. 100 Jordon Williams Male 43:09
8. 63 MMA Institute Harrisonburg Male 48:46
9. 80 Zach Emswiler Male 48:54
10. 51 J&E Male 49:34
12. 4 grazel Male 50:29
18. 3 5 Star Nutrition Harrisonburg Male 52:01
21. 22 THE HACKENS BOYS Male 52:57
24. 18 BRDG Male 55:59
K9 Adventure Race
Gender/AG Results
Place Bib Team Type Time
39. 30 CPL Coaching Male 1:01:32
46. 7 River Oaks Runners Male 1:03:31
47. 5 Hokie Dogs Male 1:03:38
48. 49 Helen Russell Troy Male 1:03:40
64. 36 Eagle One Male 1:11:38
73. 105 Valtool Male 1:13:30
79. 82 Strength In Numbers Male 1:17:01
82. 114 LSC Vaughn Male 1:17:31
87. 16 Bobs crew Male 1:30:10
93. 34 Dirt Dogz Male 1:42:40


SWAT Results

Team Name Wave # Results
I Like Big Mutts and I Cannot Lie SWAT 14:05
Beauties and the Beast SWAT 16:38
RC/DC SWAT 16:42
Patriots For Jesus SWAT 17:32
Kelly's K9s SWAT 17:39
Freedom Fighters SWAT 18:35
Team Blood Blues SWAT 18:48
Scrawny over Brawny SWAT 18:48
Whiskey Business SWAT 19:54
No Time Lose SWAT 26:54
Harman Construction 2 SWAT 28:17
Booty and the Beasts SWAT 31:43
Lowe's 509 SWAT 34:38
Harman Construction 1 SWAT 36:37
Paws Medic Team - Massanutten SWAT 48:54
Polar Bears SWAT 65:51



The 2nd annual Fine Earth Adventure Race Benefiting K9s For Warriors - Presented by Premier Auto Body will be held Saturday, June 24, 2017 at the Harrisonburg Police Department Training Grounds in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Last year's race drew in 864 racers with over 1,800 in attendance for the event.  We anticipate the year's turnout to be even bigger.  A local veteran received a service dog from K9s For Warriors this April, and a K9s For Warriors Graduate and her service dog are now living in the Valley.

The majority of the proceeds this year will benefit K9s For Warriors.  K9s For Warriors rescues dogs from kill shelters and trains them to be service dogs for Veterans with PTSD.  War Paints Inc. will also be receiving some of the proceeds.  War Paints, a local organization in the Shenandoah Valley, promotes and encourages the artistic endeavors of our nations warriors and service members through art, photography, woodworking, and other such talents.  On the Road Collaborative, also located in the Shenandoah Valley, is a youth empowerment non-profit organization that sets middle school youth on the road to college and career.  They will also be receiving a small portion of the proceeds.


This years race will include the same 3 levels as last year, a SWAT level, the Specialist Trevor Banks Intermediate Course, and the Walk for Warriors. Teams of a minimum of four people (maximum-unlimited for Intermediate and Walk for Warriors) will compete for time. The individual that raises the most money will win a Grand Prize (Grand Prize TBA).  You will have an amazing day taking on the adventure courses, enjoying good food and music all while supporting our Veterans.   Graduates from K9s For Warriors will be in attendance as well as Veterans from the local and surrounding areas.

There are Courses for Every Fitness Level:        

SWAT Team Course– Think you are good enough to compete with SWAT teams?  Sign your team up for this expert level.   You will get to take on the exact course that SWAT teams from around the state compete on.  This level is for serious athletes only.  This course will take every ounce of your strength, teamwork, desire, commitment, speed, and fitness.    Minimum and Maximum team size is 4 people.    Early Bird registration is $85 per person for the SWAT Level.  After you sign up, you will have the option to set up your own fundraising page to encourage family and friends to donate to your efforts.

Specialist Trevor Banks Intermediate Team Course – This years course will include some new obstacles.  It will be a fun, challenging 3 mile run/walk through an adventure course filled with stream crossings, obstacles and challenges to complete as a team.  This course is set up so that 80% of our participants can complete it -  If you want an extreme challenge, run the entire course (including the hills) and take on the obstacles as fast as you can.   If you want to just have fun, walk the course, take your time on the obstacles and if you don't feel comfortable, you can even opt out of any obstacle.  You must complete every obstacle to win a prize.  Some of the obstacles you will have to take on are the Warrior Mud Run, Cardiac Hill, No One Left Behind Carry, Death by Burpees, River Runs Through It, Team Log Challenge, Hay Bale Climb, Tires or Tired and a few surprises.  Teams must finish together for their times to count for prizes. The top three fastest team times receive prizes.  Early Bird Registration is $50 per person for this course.  After you sign up, you will have the option to set up your own fundraising page to encourage family and friends to donate to your efforts.

Click on map for downloadable .pdf

Walk for Warriors – This will be a fun walk for any age that is approximately 1.5 miles through a very scenic area.  This walking path is set up for those that want to support this important cause but don't want to do the other races.  Come walk as an entire family and show your support. If you are an avid walker, bring all your walking friends and help give a new leash on life for Veterans and rescue dogs.  Approximate Distance – 1.5 miles.  Early bird registration is $35 per person.  After you sign up, you will have the option to set up your own fundraising page to encourage family and friends to donate to your efforts.

General Admission - Veterans and Service Members get in Free but must still sign up and print a ticket through the General Admission Ticket link. General admission starts at 7am and is $10 for 13 years and up.  Spouses of Veterans and Service Members General Admission $5.   Everyone must present their general admission ticket.   You won't want to miss opening ceremonies with the Harrisonburg Color Guard, the K9s For Warriors entrance, and other tributes to our Veterans and Service Members. YOU MUST PRESENT YOUR TICKET TO ENTER THE GATES.

Sponsorship Opportunities

If you would like to be a corporate sponsor for 2nd Fine Earth Adventure Race Benefiting K9s For Warriors, please email

Know Your Why

22 Veterans a day commit suicide.  That is over 8,000 suicides a year and over 125,000 Veteran suicides in the last 15 years.  It truly has become an epidemic.  Our warriors need our help and our best effort.  The good news, is we have found an organization that is helping our Veterans and truly getting amazing results.  K9s for Warriors rescues dogs from kill shelters and trains them to be service dogs for Veterans with PTSD.   Not only are the Veterans getting help with their PTSD, but they are getting their lives and families back.



Come try the Valleys hottest new Activity - KnockerBall - You will Laugh and Play like a Kid Again














When you sign up, one of the nice features is it automatically creates a personal fundraising page.  You can personalize it with your own story and why you are helping our Veterans and rescuing dogs.  Maybe you lost a friend or a loved one to PTSD, maybe you struggle yourself with depression, maybe you love dogs and want to rescue as many as possible. Tell your story and share your fundraising link with your friends and family via email, facebook, etc.  Ask for donations.  We are all in this together.  The individual who raises the most money will win a grand prize to be announced.


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