A Smarter Way to Fundraise: Explore Classy’s Fundraising Intelligence Suite

Salesforce + Classy

Deepen supporter connections with scalable, hyperpersonalized experiences through robust Salesforce integrations, including NPSP, Nonprofit Cloud, and Education Cloud.

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Organizations Using Classy’s Salesforce Integration

Deepen Connection at Every Touchpoint

  • Amplify impact with unified technology to iterate and enhance existing campaigns or develop new ones
  • Drive measurable engagement and conversion improvements with a thoughtful Nonprofit Cloud (NPC) integration on Salesforce’s API
  • Seamlessly manage your fundraising efforts and donor relationships with the most robust Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) integration on the market
  • Unify your fundraising data with NPC’s near-real-time sync, offering a 360-degree view of supporters and impact
  • Ensure data integrity and deduplication, providing a more accurate basis for decision-making
  • Save time by enabling a bidirectional sync on NPSP to update supporter data where you prefer and ensure it matches both systems
  • Harness the power of relevant data to segment your supporter base and communicate more powerfully
  • Proactively identify supporters at risk of churn by monitoring paused or reduced recurring plans and donation amounts
  • Understand donors on a more profound level to foster stronger relationships and opportunities for connection
“Our mission is to put best-in-class technology in the hands of nonprofits so they can deliver more impact. Our close alliance with Classy does just that by combining the power of Salesforce with their best-in-class online fundraising software.”
Suzanne DiBianca|Executive Vice President of Corporate Relations and Chief Philanthropy Officer at Salesforce
“With Classy and Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, we will be able to provide donors with a world-class giving experience and keep consistent messaging and branding across every channel.”
Natalie Greenhouse|Senior Director of Advancement Services at Occidental College
“Within our first year on Classy and Nonprofit Success Pack, we have raised over $1,000,000 with roughly 400 recurring donors. Our goal is to double our recurring program, Everyday Angels, to 800 within the next six months by utilizing Classy, NPSP, and Marketing Cloud to have more targeted communications through better segmentation.”
Tracee Henneke|Executive Vice President of Corporate Relations and Chief Philanthropy Officer at Salesforce

Fundraise Smarter with Connected Experiences

Innovative Data Model

Access a higher level of data sophistication via Salesforce to serve, manage, and interact with supporters more efficiently and effectively.


Achieve greater productivity with Salesforce’s Lightning Experience, the platform’s updated UI, automatically applied through our integration.

Nonprofit Cloud Partner

Unlock the power of program management, fundraising, and marketing and engagement to save time and create operational efficiencies.

See Classy’s Salesforce Integration in Action

Enhance supporter relationships by personalizing every interaction with reliable, actionable data.

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