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Kilter + Classy

The Classy and Kilter integration adds a gamified activity tracking experience to any peer-to-peer campaign, ticketed event, or registration with fundraising event on Classy. With Kilter, your supporters can turn their health, fitness, and lifestyle activities into new meaningful opportunities to raise more money for your cause.

iphone product page
iphone product page

Nonprofits use Kilter + Classy for:

Runs, Walks, Rides

Runs, Walks, Rides

A no-brainer for customers who host walk/runs, have endurance teams, or organize other in-person movement-based events. Encourage your teams to connect their favorite devices directly to Kilter, log their time or distance as they train, and cultivate a deeper sense of community leading up to event day or weekend.


Corporate Engagement

Companies want, more and more, to support you and engage their employees. Kilter has low-lift, easy-to-activate ways to do it! Real-time corporate matching donations add a whole range of new revenue opportunities. Take advantage of Kilter to boost community engagement and maximize brand visibility for corporate partners.

Unique, New Activity-Specific Event Ideas

Unique, New Activity-Specific Event Ideas

Set a community goal on Kilter around a specific activity that matters to them, like volunteer hours, mental Health minutes, reading time, and an endless number of other ideas.

All-Inclusive Events for the Whole Community

All-Inclusive Events for the Whole Community

Expand your event beyond all boundaries. Use Kilter to offer experiences where everyone can participate no matter their age, location, or how they like to donate their hustle.

More Reasons To Explore the Classy + Kilter Integration

  • Kilter customers report an 11X annual average return on investment

  • Fundraisers using Kilter + Classy raise up to 3X more

  • Opportunity to add gamified activity tracking to fill your engagement gap

  • Attract & retain more supporters (10-20% new supporters per year)

  • Activate new corporate revenue streams

  • Streamline your entire fundraising experience on Classy

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