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Virtuous + Classy

Use the Virtuous + Classy integration to combine the results of your peer-to-peer and campaign-based digital fundraising, and grow your fundraising exponentially through the power of marketing automation.

dashboard visual
dashboard visual

Nonprofits use Virtuous + Classy to:

  • Identify their biggest and most dedicated influencers to drive peer-to-peer fundraising

  • Automatically follow up with campaign participants using Virtuous Marketing and Automation to increase second gift success rates

  • Integrate direct mail and donor behavior-driven calls into their Classy campaigns to maximize ROI

  • Create targeted groups and lists from Classy data, ultimately building deeper donor relationships

Classy Certified Partner

Classy Certified Partners provide a range of benefits to the Classy community, including integrations, apps and extensions, or web services. All Classy Certified Partners have been thoroughly vetted and given Classy’s stamp of approval.

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