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Classy & Zapier Nonprofit Integration

Integrate your nonprofit account with 6,000+ web applications to connect with the tools you know and love and leverage your data where you prefer without a direct integration.  

Nonprofits Use Classy & Zapier to:

  • Send highly segmented email appeals to the right donors at the right time

  • Send Classy data to a supported CRM of their choosing 

  • Share transaction data with QuickBooks Online to manage nonprofit finances with ease

  • Notify gift officers on Slack when a donation over a certain threshold is made on Classy

  • Save time, stay organized, and accurately track marketing campaign performance


What is Zapier used for?

Zapier is used as an automation tool that connects a multitude of web applications, allowing users to create automated workflows and streamline repetitive tasks without the need for coding.

What type of data can I sync from Classy to Zapier? What type of data can I sync from Zapier to Classy?

The Zapier integration uses Classy’s Public API to send available transaction, supporter, or campaign data to Zapier, including any of the available parameters associated with each of those objects. You can choose to sync data from any of these objects to Zapier.

You can also sync updates to an existing supporter record for the following supporter fields from Zapier to Classy: Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City, Country, State, Postal Code, Email Address, First Name, Last Name, Gender, Nickname, and Phone.

A full list of the available transaction, supporter, and campaign parameters can be found in Classy’s API documentation.

Is Zapier safe?

Yes. Zapier has obtained independent third-party auditor certifications with the AICPA’s SOC for Service Organizations, SOC 2 Type II, and SOC 3. Additionally, Zapier uses 256-bit AES encryption at rest in addition to securing network communication with TLS 1.2 for encrypting data in transit.

Do I need a specific Zapier plan in order to use the Classy integration?

The Classy integration will work with any Zapier plan. However, you will need a minimum of a starter plan to use Zapier’s filter feature. Your Zapier plan will also determine how frequently new or updated Classy data can be polled.

What events can I use in Classy as a trigger in Zapier?

Classy’s Zapier integration supports polling triggers. With a polling trigger, Zapier will request data from your trigger every 1 to 15 minutes in order to start your Zap, depending on your Zapier plan.


Available Classy events are New Transaction, Updated Transaction, New Supporter, Updated Supporter, New Campaign, or Updated Campaign.

What actions are available to use in Zapier when creating a Zap for Classy?

Classy’s Zapier integration supports syncing updates to an existing supporter record.

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