2015 Haunted Hustle 5k & 10k with myTEAM TRIUMPH

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October 24, 2015 at 3:30pm
Keva Sports map 8312 Forsythia St Middleton, WI 53562

Event Details

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Thank you for your interest in joining myTEAM TRIUMPH!  You're about to be part of something very special and life changing!

Before you sign up, please carefully read the information on this page and click on the link at the bottom of the page!


Race: 5k & 10k Haunted Hustle

Saturday, October 24th 4:15pm - Race Start

Each team consists of 1 Captain & 3 Angels 

Captain registration opens: OPEN

Team Angel and Volunteer registration opens: OPEN

Minimum Fundraising Amount: $100


New registration process:

Our staff works really hard to provide the best experience possible!  Over the past years, we have taken in a lot of positive feedback on how the registration experience can be improved.  Here are some of the changes we are making when it comes to this process…

  • Two seasons.  We will be separating the year into two seasons.  This will mostly be a behind the scenes designation for our staff.
  • Focused event cycle.  We will roll out each event in 20 week cycles which include: registration, communication from staff, training, fundraising, pre race camp and of course, race day!  In this cycle, we will open up the VIP experience first and then general registration.
  • Who’s my Captain and when can I start fundraising?  During registration, Angels will be able to join a team and instantly choose who their Captain is based on distance and pace.  Angels will also have a fundraising page during the registration process automatically!  No need to navigate to another page to set it up!
  • What support do you provide for fundraising?  We are raising our game on our fundraising goals!  Thus, our staff will be providing you some great resources and coaching to assist you be set up for success!
  • Outside of being an Angel, what ways can I get involved?  Volunteers needs at trainings, race day, fundraising, sponsorship, etc
  • First come, first serve.  Sign up fast as we have limited number of spots we can offer!


Becoming a Captain:  Individuals with disabilities with a desire to TRIUMPH!


  • The heart of the team!  You're the leader of your team!  You and your Angel(s) will train, compete and redefine achieve!
  • Choose your distance and who you'd like to race with!  If you have a preference on distance, you can indicate this during registration.  This is for events that have multiple distances such as a full and half marathon.
  • You sign up first.  We will start by opening Captain registration at the beginning of the each of the two seasons to allow Captains the opportunity to rank their top events.  This will also allow us to create the Captain line up prior to Angel registration opening.  Captains, when you sign up, you'll have a fundraising page.  Fundraising is not required to be a Captain however if you'd like to fundraise, you are set up!
  • After you sign up...Angels will join your team and you'll receive info about training runs, fundraising tips, etc!


Becoming an Angel:  Do you have what it takes?

There are different opportunities based on your interests in being an Angel.  Please read the details below carefully

  • VIP experience!  For select mTT races, we will offer a sweet new experience for Angels.  This VIP experience will allow Angels to sign up early and have a guaranteed spot.  The fundraising minimum will be $250 for the VIP experience.  Perks for participants include:
    • Registration for VIP is only open for 4 weeks!
    • Pre event meal and bonding time with your Captain along with others in the VIP experience during the week of the race.
    • $25 gift card to our online store!
    • Complimentary post race massage
    • Canvas Print of your team
    • All the additional benefits of the Team Angel included (race entry, uniform, etc)
  • Elite Angel:  If you are interested in deeper experience by being a one-on-one Angel for a Captain in an event, we can support you!  This experience is open for select races and very different than a Team Angel.  An elite Angel will be the sole Angel with his/her Captain.  This is a much more challenging physical and mental endeavor.  There is a $1,000 fundraising minimum per event.  To express interest in being an Elite Angel experience for this event contact us angels@myteamtriumph-wi.org !  We look forward to learning more about your goals and interest to help our Captain's FLY!
    • Pre event meal and bonding time with your Captain during the week of the race.
    • $25 gift card to our online store!
    • Canvas Print of your team
    • Opportunity to do blog posts on mTT page sharing your journey
    • All the additional benefits of the Team Angel included (race entry, uniform, etc)
  • Team Angel: Participate as team of Angels taking turns guidling your Captain to the finish line!  3-5 Angels make up a team.  When you sign up, choose your Captain, distance and pace.  If you have people you want to race with, tell them to sign up for the the team you are on.  Fundraise a minimum of $100 – $250 per person, per event (depending on event expenses). This fundraising supports:
    • Race entry for Angels as well as for your Captain. We provide free opportunities for Captains
    • Team shirt / jersey for Angel and Captain
    • Pre race camp food for entire team
    • Race day hospitality
    • Our continued mission


Volunteers:  We need you!  Help support set up, check in, transferring Captains, etc!


  • Team Volunteer: 
    • You'll receive a Volunteer T Shirt
    • You will also have a fundraising page when you sign up.  Fundraising is not required but definitely appreciated!

If you looking for more information about how getting involved with mTT works, click the links below...

Team Resources:


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