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Infinite Media + Classy

Infinite Media is a digital media company and ad network that connects nonprofits with engaged Christians.

How Infinite Media Can Help

  • Access to Always On, Infinite Media's comprehensive digital media solution

  • Elevated reach and engagement through the Christian Ad Network

  • Potential to maximize your search engine marketing through Infinite Media's Google partnership

  • Reach wider audiences, engage donors, and amplify impact with every ConnectedTV ad break

  • Real-time media analytics and conversion APIs via Epiphany Reporting

  • Support from Infinite Media's creative team, Culture-Bending Creative

Classy Certified Partner

Classy Certified Partners provide a range of benefits to the Classy community, offering integrations, apps and extensions, and web services. All Classy Certified Partners have been thoroughly vetted and given Classy’s stamp of approval.

Turn web visitors into donors before they leave.

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