A Smarter Way to Fundraise: Explore Classy’s Fundraising Intelligence Suite

RKD Group + Classy

RKD Group is a leading direct marketing partner for nonprofits in North America. Nonprofits turn to RKD for forward-leaning strategy and performance results that accelerate growth, experiences and long-term net value of donors.

RKD + Classy is a powerful combination for next-generation technology and donor experiences.

Nonprofits use RKD Group

  • Strategic Planning

  • Audience Development

  • Fundraising & Marketing

  • Creative

  • Data Management

  • Analytics

Classy Certified Partner

Classy Certified Partners provide a range of benefits to the Classy community, offering anything from integrations, apps & extensions, or web services. All Classy Certified Partners have been thoroughly vetted and given Classy’s stamp of approval!

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