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Skagit Food Distribution Center 240 W Moore Street Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284
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What is the Skagit Food Distribution Center?

The Skagit Food Distribution Center assists local food banks and hot meal programs by providing a centralized facility that has cold storage (fridge and freezer) and an area for dry goods storage. Large shipments of food from suppliers like Northwest Harvest and Food Lifeline deliver to us versus individual food banks having to go to Seattle to pick up their supplies.

The facility allows the county’s food banks and hot meal programs to effectively work as partners, streamlining services, saving time and money – and it promises to yield more food for our county’s hungriest families. It is a partnership between Skagit County, Community Action, and the local Food Bank Association.

Why is it needed? Simply put, it saves time and money!

By having a centralized facility, individual food banks can plan for the amount of food they need for their clients for the entire month—storing food they don't have room for at the Skagit Food Distribution Center. It also eliminates food banks from having to travel down to Seattle to where on their own to collect, transport and store food.

The centralized facility fosters cooperation and also makes it easier for those interested in doing food drives or otherwise supporting anti-hunger work to benefit all food banks. The Distribution Center is also successful in increasing the amount of high quality local produce reaching food banks through relationships developed with local growers. These foods are welcomed options to families who in the past have had limited access to fresh food products.

Your support of this centeralized center is key.

By supporting the Skagit Food Distribution Center, you are assuring that this key resource stays active—helping ALL local food banks.  Over 20% of all Skagit households rely on area food banks. Having a resource like this in the county benefits both the food bank and its recipients as it enables volunteers to focus on getting food out to the food banks versus spending countless time and money to travel down to Seattle for food.

How else is this facility used?

  • As a central location to hold food and fund drives.
  • As a gathering point for anti hunger coalitions, linking food banks and school districts, hospitals, nutrition programs, gleaners, farmers and others interested in ending hunger.
  • To help support local agriculture. Our Field to Family program utilizes the Distribution Center for centralized storage and transportation to bring fresh, locally grown produce to food banks, meal programs, and other anti hunger initiatives.

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