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On the go, on the couch or out of the country, your brand will always look beautiful on any device.
Mobile Responsive Campaign
Tablet Responsive Campaign
Over 40% of the people that visit the Classy platform are coming from a mobile device. This goes up every year making it more important than ever to provide a simple & intuitive mobile experience for your supporters.
MATT LACKEY Product ManagerClassy

Allow your supporters to signup with ease.

Increase fundraiser sign ups and raise more money. Classy gives you a signup process that is designed for the mobile and social era, with your supporters squarely in mind.

Create an account view

Collect donations anywhere.

A beautiful, optimized, cross-device donation form that has proven to increase engagement and donations for thousands of organizations.

Campaign Donation Page

Search, scroll, support.

Classy’s mobile responsive search makes it easy for your supporters (and potential supporters) to find what they’re looking for. With 65% of email getting opened on a mobile phone, this is more important than ever.

Classy is a practical, reliable and cutting-edge fundraising platform. My personal favorite is the responsive design.
ROY PALIJARO Communications & DevelopmentBroadway Cares
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