Professional Development Workshop: PARENTS AS HEALERS: Integrating Caregivers into the Healing Process

Hosted by:Jewish Family Service and...
Passaic County Community Collge Public Safety Academy map 300 Oldham Road Wayne, NJ 07470

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There is increasing evidence to support the claim that therapy is more effective when the parent and child are seen together or the parent is placed in a pivotal role. Mega-studies are showing strong support for the effectiveness of family based treatments, the importance of bonding and relationship in childhood trauma, and the efficacy of parent training for disruptive behavior disorders. Yet, research also indicates that in practice parents and their children are frequently seen separately or the role of the caregiver is marginalized. This workshop will teach participants how to make parents a dynamic part of treatment planning and intervention. It will also demonstrate how to incorporate parents and children together in strategies using CBT, DBT, directive play, psychoeducation, and creative arts to address a wide range of mental health issues. Learn how to enable the caregiver to be the primary healer by encouraging the parent to be active within the session, making their concerns and observations a priority, and having them continue the healing with home based strategies.

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