B4BC 4 MEGS - A Fundraiser for B4BC's Friend, Pro Snowboarder Megan Pischke

Apr 17
Hosted by:Boarding For Breast Cance...
April 17, 2013 at 6:30pm to
June 1, 2013 at 10:00pm
Merlin's Bar and Grill map 4553 Blackcomb Way Whistler, BC, CANADA, V0N 1B4
Goal: $50,000
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A Fundraising Benefit for Megan Pischke
April 17, 2013

3PM –  6PM après  |  7PM – 2:00AM event
Merlin’s Bar & Grill in Whistler Blackcomb, BC

Silent Auction  |  Raffle  |  Live Art  |  Good Vibes
Music by Scott Sullivan and Wes Makepeace, Northwest Scott with DJ TROUBLE Andrew and special guest

Live art by: Shanna Duncan, Matt French, Vanessa Stark, Mark Kowalchuk, Matel and more...

Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC) seeks your support in honoring and raising funds for one of our own, pro snowboarder and B4BC ambassador Megan Pischke.

 Megan, who has been leading B4BC’s Survivor ReTreats for the past 5 years, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is in need of support for her ongoing treatment and integrated health care. 

Please stand in solidarity with Megan and her family, rally your friends and all you know, and give a little towards someone who gives so much to all of us!

Here’s how you can help:

1. Make a Donation*.  If you are unable to attend, please consider making a cash donation through this online fundraising page 

2. Purchase Event Ticket(s).  Tickets are $20.00 at the door and includes a free Kokanee and raffle ticket.  Doors open at 7PM.

*Please email inquiries regarding tax-deductible contributions in the U.S./Canada to Erika@B4BC.org

3.  Adopt B4BC4Megs logo and promote via social media/personal networks.  Help raise awareness while promoting healthy, active living and the local community of doctors, therapists and integrated health care providers that are supporting Megs and other breast cancer patients.

More on her story why It’s Personal for Megan Pischke below.


Thank you for your support,

David Porcheron          Lisa Hudson, B4BC Co-Founder          Erika Seward, B4BC Executive Director


Learn more about Megs' story here:

It's Personal for Megan Pischke

As you may or may not know, Megs has been involved with B4BC since the organization was founded in 1996.  Beyond raising awareness and inspiring others to lead a healthy, preventative lifestyle, she has worked towards raising funds for breast cancer survivors to attend her “ReTreat Yourself” wellness retreats for over 5 years. Ironically enough, Megs was diagnosed with breast cancer herself last fall:

“It’s a gift. That’s all I can figure. I have been asking the question for awhile now: how can I raise the bar on my retreats?  What more can I possibly do to educate myself and others; through health, snowboarding, diet, spirituality, etc.?  I realize in order to do big things, you have to DO big thing.  The only thing is to get through this with more than I ever thought possible, and share that.”

Beyond her amazing, positive and confident outlook, Megs is blessed that she is young and healthy, and heads down this path with an abundance of support and knowledge to get her through this.

After a successful mastectomy and reconstructive surgery on December 11th, all of her scans and tests have been clear. Fully recovered from surgery and in amazing health, she is now going through chemo and radiation for the next 8 months, and although a bit challenged has a huge smile—as she knows that this is all the path of healing, and day by day the icky part of chemo is behind her.  Knowing that surgery, chemo and radiation are an important part of healing, she also believes that integrated health and complementary health care is just as important, especially for the ‘’never looking back’’ aspect.  Her integrated health plan includes massage and physical therapy (for tissue health, repair and maintenance), as well as two amazing naturopaths, one of whom is a Naturopathic Oncologist FABNO doctor. With these doctors she receives weekly high dose Vitamin C IV’s, hyperthermia treatments during the week of chemo, and a supplemental health plan. The diet is the easy part, as she was just steps away from a whole foods diet plan. She also receives wonderful care from Chinese medicine, chiropractic, craniosacral therapy, and a White Buffalo Medicine Shaman.

Megs is also participating in cold cap therapy in order to preserve her hair during chemotherapy treatments. It’s not widely known, and she is actually the first patient at BC Cancer Agency to do it.  During chemo treatments, she and her husband team up to help her prepare and wear a -32 Celsius frozen cap on her head. The preparation and process must occur every thirty minutes for 6 hours, and be refrozen on dry ice.  She has chosen to attempt to save her hair during chemo:

 “I really felt like, well if I have to lose my hair so be it—but why not try this and see what happens?  I have spoken to so many women who really have had a hard time with this, and I get it now.  Perhaps it makes you look sicker than you really feel, and everyone now knows.  I mean, yes, your circle does, but what if you want to live your life and go to your local grocery, bank, favorite tea spot, and not share this with them?  If this works (which it has so far!), I plan on raising the necessary funds to get a special freezer in my local hospital to be able to offer this service to others who wish to do the same.’’

Some of the most important medicine to her is just to be her—to raise her kids with love and hope, to snowboard and laugh with her friends, to surf, to do yoga on the top of the Chief, and watch sunsets with her husband.  Living life as grateful and appreciative as she always has is just as much a part of her healing.

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