A Smarter Way to Fundraise: Explore Classy’s Fundraising Intelligence Suite

AI Fundraising in the New Era of Giving

Unleash unparalleled AI fundraising potential with Classy.

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Artificial Actionable Intelligence Fueled by Robust, Secure Data

Recurring Nudges

Prompt one-time donors to upgrade to a recurring gift for a simple way to make a lifetime impact.

Credit Card Updater

Automatically update credit card information after a card expires or is replaced so your fundraising doesn’t miss a beat.

Fraud Detection

In partnership with Stripe Radar, Classy’s detection tools have proactively blocked more than $240M in fraudulent charges, protecting you and your donors.

Automated Charge Retries

Retry failed transactions with built-in logic via Classy Pay, and automatically notify donors of the retry attempt via email, to maximize revenue potential.

Intelligent Ask Amounts COMING SOON

Offer supporters dynamic donation amounts based on their unique philanthropic profile to drive trust and conversions. 

Turn Artificial Intelligence into Actionable Intelligence

See why top nonprofits power their AI fundraising with Classy.

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Turn web visitors into donors before they leave.

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