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Growth Trend

Grow Your Recurring Donor Pool

The final group we discovered in the data was comprised of 7% of the organizations. Nonprofits in this group had a median increase of 13.8% in percentage of gross transaction volume (GTV) from recurring donors in 2016 versus 2017 (as compared to an increase of 0.305% across all organizations). Some of the organizations who brought in the most money from recurring donors ran specific recurring giving campaigns.

In addition to their increase in percentage of GTV from recurring donations between 2016 and 2017, they were also way ahead of other organizations in terms of GTV from recurring donations in 2016. This suggests that high rates of recurring donations will produce even higher rates of recurring donations in future years.

The Fundraising Appeal That Grew Recurring Donations by 107 Percent

The Last Well is on a mission to deliver safe drinking water and the gospel to the entire nation of Liberia by 2020.

On their website, visitors will find a clear plan of action for achieving their programmatic goals. To finance those goals, The Last Well asks interested supporters to donate, fundraise, contribute monthly, and to share their cause on social media.

We are a relatively young ministry, but since signing up with Classy we have seen massive growth both in monthly donors and in online one-time donors through various campaigns. Ryan Tew, Director of Development - The Last Well

Through these combined efforts, The Last Well grew year over year by 44 percent in 2017. Upon examining the different tactics they employed, their recurring giving program, Village Sponsors, stood out from the mix for its serious results. Village Sponsors are asked to give at various levels. Village Partners, for example, can contribute $55 a month to transform an entire community in Libera.

Though The Last Well only signed up with Classy and kicked off their monthly donor program in early 2015, their dedicated efforts in 2017 grew their total number of recurring transactions by 96 percent year over year. They also saw 107 percent growth year over year in their total transaction volume from recurring gifts.

This reliable stream of revenue is essential to The Last Well’s programmatic operations.

It really has created a steady workflow for our teams in the field, and that is the most important part to us. Because of their generosity, there is coming a day when the last well is drilled and the Gospel is preached in that last community in Liberia. On that day history will be made and every Liberian man, woman, and child will have universal access to safe drinking water. Ryan Tew, Director of Development - The Last Well


The Last Well’s focus on retention and intentional communications fosters the continued growth of their recurring program. An example of this focus is a specific tactic they used in 2017, what they called their 3XLife campaign.

Since every one of our monthly supporters was already giving consistently and had answered the call to one of our biggest asks, we decided that their commitment needed to be celebrated and encouraged. Ryan Tew, Director of Development - The Last Well

To that end, The Last Well created messaging that first thanked their donors and reminded them of their remarkable impact. Second, it challenged each member to triple their impact.

Not by giving more, but by sharing more. We asked them to triple their impact by finding three friends, family members, or coworkers to match their recurring giving. Ryan Tew, Director of Development - The Last Well

Rather than simply asking their recurring donors to toss information about their gift, or about the organization, into the internet void that is social media,The Last Well’s specific ask served as a specific and more meaningful request. This intentionality helped The Last Well to not only reach more people, but to reach more like-hearted people, already identified as strong fits by existing community members.


The beauty of The Last Well’s growth is in the reliability and long-term success it provides. Their decision to dedicate time and effort to growing their recurring giving program has allowed them to not only expand overall as an entire organization, but to grow in a way that protects their future operations as they strive to cross their finish line.

I believe what has made our recurring program successful is that it has given the individual the opportunity to make a huge impact on an entire community or more through a simple recurring gift. It has given hundreds of individuals and families the ability to be a part of something truly profound. Ryan Tew, Director of Development - The Last Well

When asked what he’d recommend to organizations trying to achieve similar results, Ryan says, “Cast the vision that no matter the size of the gift, [a donor’s] decision to simply say yes and donate is joining in something much bigger than themselves.”